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Distance from sun: 1.2248 AU
Year length: 473.7033 Zebian days
(465.7194 earth-days)
Sidereal day: 23.5458 hours
Solar day: 23.5955 hours
Diameter: 13,124.3884 km
(8,155.1169 mi)
Surface area: 541,137,986 km2
(208,934,545 mi2)
Axial tilt: 27.6 degrees
Mass: 6506.5837 Yg
(1.0891 earths)
Gravity: 1.0281g
Number of moons: 3

Zebia is a collaborative conworld of several members of the Zompist Bulletin Board. The planet Zebia is slightly larger than but very similar to Earth and orbits (together with several other planets) Sol Novus (or just Novus, for short), a sun-like star which forms a binary star system with a second, dimmer star orbiting at a larger distance.

Zebia has three moons, one of them large, the other two small and placed at the L4 and L5 points of the large moon's orbit. These moons follow a circular orbit around Zebia at a distance of 413,966.3801 km, taking 29.1783 days to complete one orbit. The largest moon has a mass of 97.1016 Yg and a diameter of 3,812.5360 km; incidentally, this is such that the largest moon and Novus have the same angular size as seen from Zebia.





Zebia has five continents: