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The name World of Darkness (WoD) refers to two similar conworlds published by White Wolf, Inc., with the New World of Darkness being a redesign of the Old (or Classical) World of Darkness.

Both worlds are outwardly similar, but very different in their inner dynamics. Both are in essence a grittier version of the real world in which vampires, werewolves and other supernatural creatures walk among humankind, hiding themselves from the mundanes. The main difference is that in the old WoD, the supernaturals exert a secret but strong influence on human history, such that, for instance, some wars are "proxy wars" between rivaling factions of vampires or werewolves. In the new WoD, this conspirational aspect has been eliminated; the supernaturals do not struggle to control the mundanes, but merely to survive.

Each of the two worlds has its own series of role-playing games, in which each game focuses on one of the hidden races.

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