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14 consonants.

Bilabial Alveolar Palatal Velar Uvular
Voiceless stops t k
Voiced stops b d
Fricatives s χ
Lateral fricatives ɬ
Approximants w j ʀ
Laterals l
Nasals m n ŋ


Short vowels: /i e a o u/

Long vowels: /iː aː uː/

Diphthongs: /ae ao ei ai oi eu au ou/


Primary stress falls on the second syllable, and secondary stress follows an iambic pattern.

Vowel length is contrastive

Neither tone nor nasalization contrast.


Syllable structure is moderately complex. The maximal syllable is CCVC. Onset clusters consist of an obstruent and a sonorant. Codas may only occur after short vowels. /j w/ are disallowed codas.

ŋ may occur initially.


  • Stops t, k, b, d become affricates ͡ts, ͡kx,͡bv, ͡dz in simple stressed onsets.
  • b becomes p when in contact with a voiceless consonant.
  • Fricatives s, ɬ, χ become affticates ͡ts, ͡tɬ, ͡qχ word initially.
  • s becomes z between vowels.
  • l becomes ʎ before j, ɫ in codas.
  • n becomes ɲ before j.
  • Front vowels i, iː, e round to y, yː, ø when in contact with w
  • a aː become æ, æː when the next vowel is front.