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Valmante is one of the outermost planets in the orbit of the star Dephelis, and is engaged in mutual orbit in the D-2 dual-planet system with Ilethes. It is believed to be 6.482 billion years old. On Ilethes, the planet used to be called Maguera until the 352nd annual meeting of the Iletheride Conference of Astronomy where the name was dropped in favour of the Valmantean autonym.


The name Valmante, being the name for the planet in the International Form, is actually derived from an amalgam of three words for "world" in three major languages: Valonden in Ugeruzebe, Manasir in Heironam, and Tenarse in Mirselec.


In the astronomical timescale Valmante is considered to be the "elder planet" of the D-2 system.

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