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Words are created according to the following scheme:

Nouns have the scheme CVCCV, verbs CVC, adverbs VCV, adjectives CV and VCV, conjunctives and prepositions VC. Pronouns have V and VCV respectively. In case a scheme is used for more than one category (as VCV), certain vowels or consonants are allocated to one class only so that a mix up can be avoided (e.g. for the adjectives VCV, the first vowels are “a and e”; for the adverbs “o, ö, u and ü”; for the pronouns “i”.). Number of letters for each category is chosen considering the possible combinations in creation of the required number of a lexical category. (e.g. although for nouns (with CVCCV), combinations over 500 000 may be required and can be created theoretically, for the verbs, three letters CVC may covers the required range).

ABCL lexicon (ABCL- English) has been prepared in form of an Excel file, separated in groups of lexical categories: noun, verb, adjective, adverb, conjunction and preposition, pronoun, derived nouns (and additionally a table with the affixes for inflections, conjugations and declensions). The category “noun” consists of 15 noun classes, each of them placed in a separate Excel page. Further details have been explained under the related page title “NOUN”. Verbs are separated also in classes, similar to nouns, placed under one Excel page, which includes also the derived verbs separately. Similarly, to each other category, an Excel page has been allocated. A word can be searched using the “search” function of Excel in both direction. A direct visual search is also possible, if the correct class of the word can be judged before, while looking in the relevant page and under the corresponding subtitle.

Word formation/creation by the derivation between verb-noun-adjective-adverbs has been done with the help of the suffixes. Suffixes are selected for each logically defined group separately. They have been explained in the following with examples for each type of the syntactic category separately. ABCL has about 3800 root nouns (including 3000 most common nouns of English listed by Britannica Dictionary), 1600 root verbs, 600 adjectives, over 100 adverbs, 100 conjunctions/prepositions and 60 pronouns defined in English translation. With some defined derivations the vocabulary has reached almost seven thousand words, which is considered sufficient for the daily use of World languages.

As explained below for individual cases the word creation system of ABCL is able to create huge number of the root words additionally. Nevertheless with the help of the created rules for the word derivations, one will be able to find a word which he needs to express himself easily. Thus, we can estimate the vocabulary of ABCL at this stage already about 8000 to 10000 words.