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About Folksprak

Hy Roly, This dialect is very similar to the dialect Ingmar, David and I agreed on (and that's cool). I called my personal dialect Sprak, in order to avoid name clashes. I think it's worth reserving Folksprak for the project we are all working on. Is there any synonym in order to call your Folksprak another way, too?

Mid friandlik greuten, Stephan


The literal translation of my text would be:

All humans/human beings/people are born free with equal worthiness/dignity/merit and rights. They inherit intellect/reason and conscience/sense of right and wrong, and they should treat each other / everybody in a spirit of brotherhood.

"brodershap" could be replaced with "fryjendshap" to use less sexist language. brotherhood/fraternity replaced with friendship/amity.

Parkedseventyone 15:26, 6 January 2013 (PST)