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Just wanted to show my appreciation of your conlang Carune. Also, I should like to pose an offer: the Tauro-Piscean Republic (my concountry), which lies on the Jutland Peninsula or the real-world provinces of German Schleswig-Holstein and Danish South Jutland, stands alone - attached to no conworld - and thus seeks allies.

Based on an alternate Earth timeline, it came to be when the plebiscite held in 1920 revealed that the population of both provinces neither wanted to be part of Germany nor Denmark and preferred to be recognised as independent. The country was taken over by the current communist government and named the Tauro-Piscean Republic. Since then, the Tauro-Piscean language was enforced on the population.

I would like it very much if you would consider becoming an ally.


S.C. Anderson Representative of the Tauro-Piscean Republic.

Jodende, Sectori. Ikk mäg jod an Stïkê anes Konwëröld bean.

Hello, Sectori. I would like very much to be part of a conworld.

Tï zï tet Konwëröld an missenliken Eëtê be «Alternate Earth» skädlik, ak ne tonan intäressantän Kïrên.

Because the conworld is an alternate Earth, ‘Alternate Earth’ is logical, but there are more interesting possibilities.

Ja makedê ten Namê «Terra Nuva», ottê? Te bë biénn.

Didn’t you think up the name ‘Terra Nuva’? That would be okay.

Conworld offer

Hello. I've spoken to you before about a conworld, but now I've got something together. It is collaborative to an extent, but once you have the land, you are free to do with it what you like as long as worldwide events don't conflict too much. My conworld has the same geography as our Earth and more-or-less the same history, but it differs in places (where you choose). Here is Europe in its current state (with only three people owning land):


You say Carune is in our world 'northern Italy, a little part of southern France, and some of Switzerland (which annexed part of Austria in the first World War)'. If you accept, I will happily give you this land, but could you be more specific as to provinces, so I can get an idea where to draw the borders?

The good thing about this project is that you can have as little or as much involvement as you want. I won't pressure you for your time, but it would be really interesting to get as many different people's concountries on my conworld as possible. --S.C. Anderson 16:54, 21 March 2009 (UTC)