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Editing on mobile only for the indefinite future due to recent move and high price of traditional Internet access here.

October/November 2017

The bare -a- infix that precedes all possessive suffixes is probably just ža with normal loss of /ž/ between vowels.

  • make SOV words for magic spells like 40, -R, etc

The potential/habilitative "moods" should be removed from the mood section since the markers go before the person markers, making them a derivational affix or at most an inflectional affix that belongs to some other category. True mood markers in Poswa & Pabappa go *after* the person/tense marker.

Final -I diminutive can be from iʕ "among the children", thus fning as pseudo genitive.

Dec 2017

Different words for the same body part for different genders V for example the word for hand has three different forms and these generate different classifier suffixes. Then there are neutered morphemes that are used as padding to correct discrepancies such as a feminine noun with a masculine agent.

Raspara divided worms into fantasy kingd9ms where all were future slaves.