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Hello, I'm Waahlis, or if you're Swedish, Wåhlis /voːlɛ̝s/. I am an avid conlanger, and I have been running since about 2005. My preferences are normally naturalistic languages, which should be a priori, even though I appreciate a posteriori ones as well! Whilst I may not be a particuarly active member of this community, I do appreciate the wiki as a whole.


I can be found around the Internet with the very same username, usually at sites dedicated to conlanging.

  • I used to have a profile at the Conlang Wikia, but after a lot of drama, I unfortunately got blocked.
  • Nevertheless, here I stand, smiling as always for the incredible site at Conlang Wikkii where I am one of the administrators. Then again, the host, Wikkii, has an ungly habit of going offline...
  • My profile on DeviantArt is a plausible place for me to hide, should you be looking for me! There, I am part of the #Conlangers group, a very cheerful community!

Should you ever feel a dire need of contacting me, either visit the above pages, or simply leave me a message at my discussion page!

Sincerely, Waahlis (talk)