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Hi there, I'm Starbeam. I'm a non-binary conlanger (they/ them or ze/ zer), linguist, and worldbuilding creative. I speak English natively and am from Washington DC, United States- where I still reside. I've been interested in languages as long as I can remember and have been tinkering away at learning and making them since I was 13 (still a monolingual with no conlangs, tho).

I have passing knowledge in Hebrew, Spanish, and Japanese in that order. I also know a fair bit about languages at least semi-related to English, stuff from Yiddish to Anglo-Norman to Irish to Venetian; even if none of it is absolutely authoritative.

Outside of conlanging and linguistics, my hobbies include acting, theater arts, watching animation, watching Youtube reviews, retro and indie video games, cult movies/ genre films, and jazz fusion music.