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Marlon Betz
I am still looking for a picture of me
Birth: march 16th, 1993 AD, Bad Friedrichshall, Germany
Profession: still pupil
Natural languages: German, English, Latin and a bit Japanese, Chinese, Dutch, Turkish and Esperanto
Created conlangs: Lâmian, Schveveg
Other conlangs: Verdurian, Hairo, Islysian, Þrjótrun, Hattic, The Albic Languages
Interests: Languages, ego-shooters,
hearing In Extremo
More information: bla

Hi, I am Ell Crasses (means the fat in Schveveg). My real name is Marlon Betz and I live near to Heilbronn (Germany). I'm 14 years old and a pupil of the Justinus-Kerner-Gymnasium Weinsberg and very interested in languages (and computer games) and I speak German,English,Latin (and next year Italian by school) and a bit Japanese,Chinese,Dutch,Turkish and Esperanto. I've already made lots of conlangs (around 50, but the most were funlangs, of course), but i haven't finished them yet (and the most won't be finished ever). The conlangs I am working on are Schveveg and Lâmian. My email adress is [email protected]