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—Daniel Willett
Name Danisht Dzakwan
Born 19 May 2008 in Samarinda, Indonesia
Current residence Samarinda, East Kalimantan, Indonesia
Languages id-N, en-4, bj-1
Aliases Daniel Willett (FrathWiki)
Jerome Willett (Wiki[p/m]edia)br>Daniel Whernchend (former)
DanishtD (former)
BengkelBerkah05 (former)

My name is Daniel Willett But wait, my real name is Danisht Dzakwan and I currently living in the city of Samarinda, East Kalimantan province, Indonesia. You can call me Daniel except in real life contexts.


I was likely the first Indonesian to join this wiki (if you're an Indonesian and joining earlier than me, you can delete this sentence) and possibly third from Southeast Asia after Denihilonihil and Anurisiya (unsure). Before using this username, I was previously DanishtD.

Why I choosing Willett /wɪˈlɛt/ as my pseudo-surname? I was inspired by Andreas Willow and Luke Willer, both are pseudonyms (sorry Andreas and Luke for linking your userpages). It was originally intended as Willy or Willie. However, due to its vulgar meaning and removing any phonetic similarity with Daniel Dilovely (name of a character from Arpo: The Robot for All Kids that used to degrade me), I chose to replace -y or -ie with etymological Garonnian reflex of diminutive -ett (proper form would be -itt).

Because I am a Muslim, I never used any religion-exclusive texts as sample texts on my conlangs, at least publicly.


  • Cernelian (a Finnic language with sound changes that affected Polish)
  • Veslovian (a southern Germanic language with four unintelligible dialects)
Not to be confused with Bohemian of Ill Bethisad, although both influenced by Czech (Veslovian in the case of standard dialect), for example, the words for "lead (metal)" and "deer" are completely distant, respectively: ploj : bliví, hirš : šérto, as it split very early