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BenJamin P. Johnson
Born: 1977
Conlangs: Northeadish
Hometown: Halcott, NY
Home: Philadelphia, PA
L1: English
Other Natlangs: French, German

BenJamin P. Johnson (Jamin) is the creator of several conlangs since 1994, many of which have faded away over time, some of which are still in some stage of development:

In 2014, Jamin was hired by the Riddlesbrood Touring Theater Company to continue the development and documentation of Brooding (a priori), a language originally designed for the company by Veronica (Scott) Hamilton and Ryan Long. They all appear in to 2017 film Conlanging, discussing the Brooding Language.

In 2015 Jamin was elected to the Board of Directors of the Language Creation Society (LCS) to serve a two-year term, and was subsequently reelected in 2017.

Jamin is also the founder of the (now defunct) Yahoo Group "Artificial Languages."