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Robert Marshall Murphy

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Birth: Planet Earth, 1978
Profession: Upper school (high school) math teacher
Natural languages: English, Korean, Ancient Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic, Syriac, Akkadian, Ugaritic, Yiddish
Created conlangs: Weddish, Parseltongue, Proto-Austronesian Hebrew, Proto-Polynesian Hebrew, Syrenian, Semitic Korean
Other conlangs: Na'vi, Latin, Syrunian, Klingon
Interests: Philosophy, theology, quantum physics
More information: Feel free to contact me about anything

Hi, I'm a 36 year old grad-school (seminary) student who just got into conlanging. I grew up all around the world, and have decided to become a Semiticist. I'd love to chat any time, so feel free to email me anything you like, any time.

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