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Tolerosan or Toleran (zanka tolerosenu also zanka tullerusenu) is the language of the recently discovered sunken Mediterranean island of Tolerot (also Tolera or Tullerut). Tolerosian is an Indo-European of a distinct family.

Due to certain variables between the eastern and western dialects, even the origin of the name Tolerot is obscure. it may come from tola, "one" due to it being the only island in the area or tūllot, "sun" perhaps due to its location in the eastern Mediterranean.


A few different scripts were used to write Tolerosan, most notably a modified Greek alphabet. It also appears that later Tolerosan was written in the Greek alphabet itself.

Alphabet Elfavedda Ελφαϝεδδα
Tolerosan English Tolerosan English
Α α A Ν ν N
Β β B Ξ ξ Q (gh)
Γ γ G Ο ο O, U
Δ δ D Π π P
Ε ε E Ϟ ϟ Ā
Ϝ ϝ V Ρ ρ R
Ζ ζ z Σ σ ς S
Η η Ē Τ τ T
Θ θ T Υ υ Ī
Ι ι I Φ φ F
Κ κ K Χ χ X (kh)
Λ λ L Ω ω Ō, Ū
Μ μ M
In most dialects O and U or Ō and Ū were considered variations of the same phoneme, and were spelt the same. The only dialect which which differentiated were those around the capitol city of Emxu Oikkerot and the Bladdeu region.