Three Hundred Golden Years

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The Three Hundred Golden Years (Modern Arithide Diaunni Hev Kyrnēs ['ʤonni hɛf 'kʏ:ne:s]; Dethric Seuphith Caures Chanai ['su:fiθ 'ko:rəs ʃə'ne:]), are three centuries of economic prosperity, political stability, and cultural flourishing in the Equora Dynasty of the Lazeian Empire, lasting from 545 CIE to c. 850 CIE. The period witnessed the lives of some of the most respected figures in Arithian history, particularly of the artistic professions of literature, art, drama and music, but also many eminent statesmen.

The term was first used by the Renaissance historian Aulus Chariven, who considered the pacification of the Aderia in 545 CIE (see Sevian Wars) the end of the decades of chaos and internal strife that had plagued the empire since the late Aphoiros Dynasty, and the beginning of the longest period of peace and prosperity in imperial history, which would come into full swing around the turn of the century.

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