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The 8th World is a parallel universe to our universe, there are also a "Galaxy", a "Solar system" and an "Earth" similar to ours, but the continents and beings living on are not completely same to ours.

Our world is called "The 7th World" by some inhabitants(mostly the Long-longs), who know the existence of our world, of The 8th World.

Geography of the "Earth" of The 8th World

Just like our Earth, there are 365.2422 days per year, and 24 hours per day, the Size of their "Earth" is very close to our earth, but the shape of the continents and islands are different to our world.

Biology on the "Earth" of The 8th World


Main page:Long-longs

A long-long is a kind of intelligence animal of the 8th world, the long-longs are as smart as human-being at last, and when they meet proverty in their early life, they can become much smarter than usual.

The whole body of every long-long is covered with white hair(s), every long-long has a black, small, and square "horn" on their head, and most of matured long-longs are 140cm~150cm in height.

Long-longs eat the almost same food just as humans, but compared with human, they are prefer to eat vegetables and foods with starches.

The feces and urines of long-longs are completely covered by a flexible skins when they(feces and urines) are dumped.


Although long-longs are similar to Reptiles, but in fact they are not Reptiles, their class is "Lonlons", The animals of the class "Lonlons" evolved from the Amphibias, and many animals of the class "lonlons", including the so-called long-longs, has absolutly got used to the enviorment of the land, just like the Reptiles, so the long-longs have no many blood relations with Reptiles.

Life of long-longs

The growing of Long-longs, The first step(Tzaka) of Long-longs love to gather into a group of 8 Tzaka-step long-longs, It is shown in the Picture.

A typical long-long can live up to 400 to 500 year old, if no accident, they grows into the next step every four years until they becomes a Zam'keye.

Language and Culture

Most long-longs speak Liunan as their native tongue, but they can still learn other languages.


Humans are just as same as what we see in our world, Ancestors of some of the humans there came from our world, others came from other worlds, just like our world, Humans living in different regions speak different language, and thus they have different cultures.

Nation(Group of people) of the 8th World

"Moe Girls"

Her name is Meimei, she is one of the "Moe Girls", bue she has been transformed into machine except her head and her neck(her head and her neck are untransformed), thus she has become a cyborg for fighting purpose.

The so-called "Moe Girls" are human-like being, but all of them are all female, they are usually short, and their face are similar to the large-eyed and children-like "Moe" girls appearing in Japanese Anime and Manga, but are "3D-ized", that's why they are called "Moe Girls" here.

The "Moe Girls" are very naive, very kind-hearted and carefree, mostly they are seemed to be happy, some of them are seemed to be dull in doing something, but they are in fact very smart, their IQ are usually higher than 150, and therefore, more than half of them are tenured profferser of Mathematics, Physica and Computer Science, others of them, although not as dull as they may look like, are proficient in other major, espacially cooking and home-business.

The "Moe Girls" are nearly immortal and always young everytime, some of them are over 10000 years old but still very young and naive, although they might be very "old" in age in fact, they still call "Big brother" or "Big sister" to others, who are looked to be elder to them.

Nowadays, there are about 2 million "Moe Girls" in the 8th World, 1.9 million of them are born in about 20 to 10 years ago, the rest of them are at least 10000 years old.

Notice:"Moe Girls" are unable to give birth, and if you insult them, you will be killed by someone.

List of Languages in The 8th World

Language Used by Long-longs

Language used by the Iius(another kind of Long-long living in about 36 Mya to 20 Mya)

Languages Used by Nevotaks(another kind of Long-long living in about 55 Mya to 20 Mya)

Languages Used by Humans

A Brief History of The 8th World

  • 55 mya, the rise of the being Nevotaks.
  • 36 mya, the rise of the being Iius.
  • 35.2 mya, the rise of the so-called Long-longs(more accurately, modern Long-longs), and Long-longs brought the industrial technologies to the countries of Nevotaks and Iius.
  • 20 mya, the being Nevotaks and Iius became extinct in a disaster of an infectious disease.
  • ...
  • At about B.C. 20000, the "Moe Girls" appeared in the 8th world.
  • At about B.C. 15000, the Humans appeared in the 8th world, then the Humans started to found their own country under the permission of the Long-longs.
  • At about B.C. 13000, a Meteorite came to the Earth of the 8th World, but it was destroyed before it fell into the earth and caused disasters.
  • At about B.C. 10000, the alien Olgrns appeared, starting to cooperate with the Human country Kotsï Republic, in order to rule the earth and make the earth the colony of the alien Olgrns step-by-step, but their conspiracy of earth-ruling was exposed, then the war broke out, at last, the alliance of the Olgrns and Kotsï Republic was defeated, but the "Prehistoric Civilization" of the 8th World was also destroyed.
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