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Smaldgia was a large island that did not exist in what is now called the Ontong Java Rise. It went under the ocean sometime in the 15th century thanks to a combined earthquake and tsunami.


Volcanos and earthquakes happen sometimes in the South. The climate is sometimes too hot and wet and the weather too predictable but it means there's almost always plants and animals to eat. If you've ever seen snow, you're probably an explorer of some description. You live in an equatorial rainforest. In detail, the climate is as follows:


In the north, 310mm per month on average with 100 in February and 460 in May as extremes. In the south, 280mm is the average rainfall per month, with 150 in June and 470 in March as extremes. Obviously, these are still generalisations and there are still variations in the different areas.


Almost constant throughout the year at between 25C and 30C. In the South, it can get a bit colder at times, to the point of 22C.


The extent of Smaldgia is North to South from -3.979,159.475 to 6.214,158.196 and from East to West: 4.363,153.671 to 5.277, 161.240. 10.193 + 1,381 km N-S,7.569 + 701 km W-E. Its total area is 352,471 km≤. There were roughly 21,500 people living on Smaldgia when it went under the waves. If Smaldgia existed now, it would be the 7th largest island in the world by area and 110th by population.


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Fauna and Flora

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The humans of Smaldgia are generally very dark-skinned and tall with wavy or curly hair.


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