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Pronunciation table

p b f v m t d þ ð ɫ l ż s z r n k g x ƣ h ȝ š i e a ǫ o u ĭ ĕ ŭ
/p/ /b/ /ɸ/ /β/ /m̥/ /m/ /t/ /d/ /θ/ /ð/ /l̥/ /l/ /ʦ/ /ʣ/ /s/ /z/ /ɾ̥/ /n/ /k/ /g/ /ç/ /ʝ/ /j̊/ /j/ /sʷ/ /sʲ/ /i/ /e/ /ä/ /ɒ/ /o/ /u/ /ɪ/ /ɛ/ /ʊ/


lat grk cyr arm geo dev gla run tng heb arb kat hir han







  • The tengwar are not visible on Frathwiki.


  1. affx = affix, either a prefix or a suffix, e.g., ii-, proclitic for distinguishing female, e.g., nu, he/she; ii-nu, she.
  2. derv = derivative, a word derived from a root, e.g., ii-ukűru < ukűru, person being married.
  3. comp = compound, a word of two or more words, e.g., iv + bőto, point = ivbőto, nadir.
  4. gram = grammar, e.g., -iih-, suffix for forming the desiderative aspect.
  5. P.N. = proper name, e.g., ı̋vri, adj. Hebrew.
  6. These words are not numbered, as only lemmata are numbered.
  7. Words in red indicate an object or concept that did not exist in Sefdaania.
  8. At the end of each alphabetic section is a legend, e.g., Total: 22/16+1/77%. This means that there are 22 root words (lemmata) of which 16 are verbs and one are adjectives which can be treated as stative verbs. The last number means that 77 percent of the vocabulary is verbs.


  • affx ii-, proclitic for distinguishing female, e.g., nu, he/she; ii-nu, she.
  • gram -iih-, suffix for forming the desiderative aspect (DES) [> Sanskrit īhate, long for].
  • i001 ı̋ı̋ȝ|a, t.v. contract, covenant [> Telugu īya-konu, consent]. -o, contract, covenant.
  • i002 ı̋ı̋n|a, t.v. bear, bring, give birth to, birth [of humans] [> Tamil īn_, bear young]. -o, birth.
  • i003 ı̋ı̋ƣ|a, t.v. need, have-, be in-, -need of, behoove. -i, adj. needful, necessary, essential. -os, essential commodities, necessaries. -ra, need, necessity. -vi, adv. needs.
  • derv ii-ukűru, bride.
  • i004 ı̋ı̋x|i, adj. insolent, impudent [> Turkish igeš-, be insolent]. -ta, insolence, impudence.
  • gram -i, relative mood verb marker [> Gothic ī, relative particle].
  • affx i-, demon. proclitic, this [> Korean i, this].
  • i005 ı̋|a, 1. t.v. wend. 2. i.v. make one's way, meander [of people] [> English itinerary]. -o, meander.
  • i006 ı̋|da, 1. t.v. trip-, stumble-, -over. 2. i.v. stumble, trip [> Tamil iṭar_u, stumble]. -a, false step.
  • affx -ı̋d̨a, enclitic used to form verbs from nouns or adjectives, e.g., ðűro, door; ðurı̋d̨a, shut the door [> English -ize].
  • i007 íðu adv. here.
  • i008 ı̋|ga, t.v. ask (for), request, order, reserve, book; mu—tei nu ǧe̋mo—ı̋ga, I asked him to come; tiiðús tı̋ı̋ðom ~, ask s.b. for -go, request, petition, behest, order. -ƣlu, petitioner.
  • affx -ı̋ȝo, noun suffix indicating a collection or group of what is named in the noun, e.g., ve̋do, glass; vedı̋ȝo, glassware; rőiṡe, roe deer; roiṡı̋ȝo, a herd of roe deer.
  • i009 ı̋k|a, t.v. invoke [> German beichten, confess]. -o, invocation.
  • i010 ı̋l|a, i.v. become [> Korean īl-, happen].
  • i011 ime̋ni, adj. aforementioned.
  • i012 ím|u, adv. now; ~uk̬e péruk̬e, now and then. [> Turkish imdi, now]. -þis, adv. from now on, anymore, any longer. , intrj. now, well now, well then, let's see now. iim, hesi. ptc. um. íímu, adv. just (now).
  • i013 ı̋|na, 1. t.v. laugh at. 2. i.v. laugh [> Korean ūt-, laugh]. -no, laugh. -nše̋no, laughter. -n̨i, adj. laughable, ridiculous.
  • i014 inı̋vko, mirage [> Yupik inifkaq, mirage].
  • i015 ı̋|pa, i.v. pass-, spend-, -the autumn [> Mongolian ebül, winter]. -fpa̋ra, autumn equinox (Sep 22/23). -fsa̋rno, autumn festival (Nov 5). -pa, autumn (Sep 24-Nov 22).
  • i016 ı̋|ra, 1. t.v. harmonize. 2. i.v. harmonize [> Japanese u, song]. -r̈a, harmony. -ri, adj. harmonious.
  • i017 ı̋s|a, t.v. suggest, allude to, make mention of, speak of. -ra, suggestion, allusion, mention.
  • i018 ı̋|ṡa, 1. t.v. hope. 2. i.v. hope [> Mongoian a, hope]. -she̋e̋ro, ray of hope. -sra, hope. -sri, adj. hopeful.
  • i019 ı̋|ta, 1. t.v. bounce, jump on. 2. i.v. hop-, jump-, spring-, bounce-, leap-, (-up), frisk [> Hungarian űz-, hunt]. -ta, leap year. -to, hop, jump, leap, skip, spring, bounce. -þlo, spring.
  • i020 ít|u, adv. so, thus; ítu e̋sak̬e u-e̋sak̬e, so it is and shall be [Latin ita]. -i, adj. so.
  • i021 ı̋vko, box, case [> Mongolian ükeg, trough].
  • P.N. ı̋vr|i, adj. Hebrew. -ĕȝe̋ko, Hebrew language. -u, Hebrew.
  • i022 ı̋x|a, 1. t.v. settle, colonize. 2. i.v. settle, colonize [> Japanese ikí, live]. -lu, settler, colonist. -o, settlement, colony. -ra, settling, colonization.
  • i023 ı̋z|a, 1. t.v. descend, go down. 2. i.v. come down, descend, alight; go down [> Tamil iẓi, descend]. -a, postp. down from. -o, descent.

total: 22/16+2/78%