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Pronunciation table

(vowels with प)
नि॓थो च्युस्वे॓नोस्
nı̋þo ṡ̨uuše̋nos
(weak vowels)
b f v m t d þ ð ɫ l ż s z r n k g x ƣ h ȝ i e a ɔ o u ĭ ĕ ŭ
म़ ल़ स़ क़ ग़ त्व त्य इ ई

पि पी
ए एै

पे पै
अ आ

प पा
ऒ ॵ

पॊ पॏ
ओ औ

पो पौ
उ ऊ

पु पू
तं तऺ तॅ
/p/ /b/ /ɸ/ /β/ /m̥/ /m/ /t/ /d/ /θ/ /ð/ /l̥/ /l/ /ʦ/ /ʣ/ /s/ /z/ /ɾ̥/ /n/ /k/ /g/ /ç/ /ʝ/ /j̊/ /j/ /tʷ/ /tʲ/ /i/ /e/ /ä/ /ɒ/ /o/ /u/ /ɪ/ /ɛ/ /ʊ/

Glossing abbreviations

1s/p = 1st person singular/plural ABL = ablative suffix COL = collective EQU = equative degree INS = instrument PRF = perfect SUP = supine
2s/p = 2nd person singular/plural ABS = absolutive (an unmarked modifying adjective) CONV = conversive F = feminine INT = intensive prefix PRV = privative prefix TRZ = transitivizer
3 = 3rd person ADV = adverb DES = desiderative FRQ = frequentative LAT = lative suffix PST = past VOC = vocative particle
A(.s/p) = accusative (singular/plural) AG = agent DIM = diminutive FUT = future LOC = locative suffix Q = interrogative particle
G(.s/p) = genitive (singular/plural) AP = agent (active) participle ELIS = elision IMP = imperative M = masculine QUOT = direct quotation
N(.s/p) = nominative (singular/plural) AUG = augmentative ELT = elative INC = inchoative OCC = occupation suffix RPR = recent perfective
V(.s/p) = vocative (singular/plural) CAUS = causative EP = epenthesis IND = indicative PP = patient (past) participle SBJ = subjunctive


  • 1. hi हि – because, as, since.
  • All of you must drink from this for this is my blood,
  • őru ȝus sős pőőȝu ke̋la—hi so mu-se̋e̋go e̋sa:
őru-Ø ȝ-us s-ős pőőȝ-u ke̋l-a hi s-o mu=se̋e̋g-o e̋s-a
all-ABS 2p-N this-G.s drink-SUP must-IND for this-N.s my=blood-N.s be-IND


2. o ओ – directed at, intended to belong to

  • I have something for you.
  • mu tús o tííðom ƣe̋va:
m-u t-ús o tííð-om ƣe̋v-a
1s-N 2s-G for something-A.s have-IND

  • 3. þála थ॔ल – in honor of, or directed towards the celebration of event of
  • The family gave a party for the bride.
  • ða̋mu ii-ukurűs þála sa̋ra:
ða̋m-u ii=ukur-űs þála sa̋r-a
family-N.s F=person.being.married-G.s for

  • 4. ríza रि॔स़ – in support of
  • I voted for the mayor.
  • mu riineeilűs ríza e-őpa:
m-u riineeil-űs ríza e=őp-a
1s-N mayor-G.s for PST=vote=IND

  • 5. accusative case – over a period of time.
  • I've live here for three years.
  • mu íðu tı̋r dı̋lan m̃ĭm̃e̋e̋sa:
m-u here tı̋r dı̋l-an m̃ĭ~m̃e̋e̋s-a
1s-N here three year-A.p PRF~live-IND

  • 6. éra ए॔र – on behalf of, for-, -the sake-, -the benefit-, -the interest-, -of
  • Let me open the door for you.
  • tús éra ðűrom lűru mum hene̋ȝa:
t-ús éra ðűr-om lűr-u m-um hen-e̋ȝa
2s-G for door-A.s open-SUP 1s-A let-SBJ

  • 7. tááda ता॔द – for the purpose of
  • We can use this branch for an oar.
  • m̃usĕ suƣős tááda i-ża̋vom ne̋udu ma̋ƣa:
m̃-us=ĕ suƣ-ős tááda i=ża̋v-om ne̋ud-u ma̋ƣ-a
1p-N=EP oar-G.s for this=oar-A.s use-SUP

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