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Schizero Short for Schizeraandit Failandam is the Official language of Fayland, a small island 79 1/4 miles of the north coast of Nauru. Schizeraandit Failandam simply means normal speech of Fayland.

The language has it's own writing system, However, for the sake of easiness we shall use the Randfangam Transliteration. Dr. Arven Randfang was a dutch explorer who found Fayland in 2332, he was a language expert and took to translating the language.

Schizero is of a language branch all of it's own, with to Creoles on two neighbouring smaller islands. It is a very simple language, and isn't used to go into much detail as the Faisians are a very primitive people.

Randfangam Alphabet

The Randfangam Alphabet consits of 28 constonants and 7 vowels.

Consonants: B C D F G H J K # L M N P Qv R R- S T V X Y Z Zh Kw Qu Q| Ch Sh

Vowels : A E I O U Ü Ø