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Silindion is the language of the Silineste, who live in the country of Nole Silinel which is located in the southern part of Andolien a major region of the planet of Oreni. Basic facts about Silindion are:

1) It is VSO 2) It is fairly agglutinative in morphology, but has extensive morphophonemic rules which tend to obscure the boundaries between stem and suffix. 3) At last count it has around 1900 words. 4) It is based on Latin, Gaelic, Sanskrit, Greek, Finnish, Quenya and various other (mostly European) languages. 5) Its closest relatives are Essamea and Silic. Other languages spoken in Oreni are Classical Nindic, Hinession, Southern Nindic, Sulindori, Kalaqhai, Lepontic and Atalantaic.

Please see Grammar of Silindion for more indepth information concerning this major language of Andolien.