Redlands Saga

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A chain of stories written by a hidden writer in the 1600s, they tell of adventure, drama, and fantasy.

The Beginning

Once upon a city called Metro City that was settled in 1655 under the Dutch name Oud Kamperende Grond meaning "Old Camping Ground" the Dutch had to camp there as they were trying to maintain their territories. They say the Dutch were magical people who were part of a secret society called Bevrijd Denkers Vereniging meaning "Free Thinkers Guild" who practiced the arts of the Knights of the Old World also called Ridders van het Ouderwetse the name Ridder was a noun for a member of this group.

Once upon a colony in Delaware called New Netherlands a group of Dutch Knights called Ridders fought the Devil and his evil forces. Then one day a Ridder decided to fight Faust the Evil One who tampered with the forces of evil and his soul was damned to Hell. The Ridder who was named Jaan Van Ridderschap went to the Knickerbockers to get some weapons for the defense of the colony. Then Jaan went to New Amsterdam and purchased a bottle of holy water and a cross of Jesus.

The Knights were thought to be ancesters of the Giddite Order, and their code they written in was lost and then found. Some linked them to the German Knights who planned to fight the real witches of New England but were ousted by the English.

The Rise of Hissler

Hissler, the most evil person to ever live hunted the Ridders and their student. But the Ridders had a suprise party for him which they poisoned him with the most toxic tonic that was ever made. But Hissler was again sent out of Hell to finish the job but the Ridders had God and Jesus on their side. Then Hissler saw that he was outnumbered but fought anyway with all the Darkest Power he had but was cast into his own prison as the Earth swallowed him whole.