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Qþyn|gài is one of Henrik Theiling's conlangs. Its main features are:

  • agglutinating/polysynthetic
  • VOS
  • active system (Fluid-S)
  • some dialects have no phonemic lip movement (no labial consonants, no rounded vowels)
  • only one open lexical class (nouns, verbs, adjectives are all the same)
  • most 'normal' categories' affixes are optional
  • evidence/mood and valence affixes are mandatory
  • pro-drop
  • no ad-hoc compounding, only well-defined derivation
  • very long words
  • clicks and tones
 Kxàustùnǂgístiuqþakxáuqlái syqlùstỳxáuqþúihhítlùxkiu.

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