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Chihazh is commonly considered by Galhafan astronomers to have 11 known major planets in 10 orbits[1], although we would probably classify Havatrakh as a brown dwarf rather than as a planet. Names are given in both modern Ivetsian with their derivation from Classical Sanle and in Classical Blafu, the language of scholarship. Planetary names are descriptive. In Ivetsian, they end with a suffix derived from the Classical Sanle tkab meaning "star", but now used to simply mean "planet". In modern Ivetsian, this morpheme is usually -takh, but can sometimes be -dakh or -ska. Excluding Galhaf itself, there were five planets known to ancient observers.

Major Planets
Order Name (Ivetsian) Etymology (Classical Sanle) Mass Type Orbital period Semimajor axis Eccentricity Discovered
I Zhimblaska Shimrá tkab (Hidden Star) 5.432×1023 kg Rocky 9.8175 d 11,857,000 km .024 507 OE[2]
II Tuzatrakh Tosár tkab (Fast Star) 3.875×1023 kg Rocky 37.3471 d 28,895,000 km .016 Known since ancient times
III Ufsandakh Pshán tkab (Bright Star) 2.043×1025 kg Rocky 126.728 d 65,248,000 km .067
IV Galhaf Wagallapa (Our World)[3] 5.28962×1024 kg Rocky 259.655 d 105,255,160 km .066
Inner Asteroid belt
V Zheftakh Zhev tkab (Great Star) 1.846 × 1028 kg Gas[4] 1,701.18 d
4.65768 yr
368,541,000 km .0415 Known since ancient times
Uspendakh[5] Tpen tkab (Follower Star) 3.0471 × 1024 kg Rocky
VI Vozataftakh Ksátlhap tkab (Slow Star) 9.131 × 1026 kg Gas 5,963.68 d
16.3280 yr
850,475,000 km .0212
VII Undaska Ald tkab (Child star) 1.8723 × 1024 kg Rocky 8,945.52 d
24.4920 yr[6]
1,114,440,000 km .1613 828 OE
VIII Nyatakh Nikh tkab (Outer Star) 2.0507 × 1026 kg Ice giant 18,587.2 d
50.8901 yr
1,814,660,000 km .0563 185 BOE
Middle asteroid belt
IX Ufsahastakh Psaks tkab (Shepherd Star) Ice giant 90,178 d
246.897 yr[7]
5,200,060,000 km .068 845 OE
X Havatrakh Kabar tkab (Found star) 7.0645 × 1028 kg Brown dwarf 135,267 d
370.348 yr
6,814,690,000 km .057 882 OE
Outer asteroid belt

Lesser Planets (incomplete)
Located in Inner Asteroid Belt
Name (Ivetsian) Etymology Mass Orbital period Semimajor axis Eccentricity Discovered
Dakuska[8] Tak-lo tkab (First star)
Zhibaska Divb tkab (Ally Star)
Ostagaska Shtark tkab (Brother Star)
Located in Middle Asteroid Belt
Ungyaska Mkék tkab (Cold Star) 76.3352 yr[9] 2,377,880,000 km 0.2403
Dreftakh Dref tkab (Winter Star) 76.3352 yr[9] 2,377,880,000 km 0.1723
Located in Outer Asteroid Belt
Shivrashandakh Shivrashan + -takh 2,740 yr 25,873,200,000 km 0.1896

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  1. Some astronomers define "major planet" differently and thus count more than 11
  2. Due to its proximity to Chihazh, it is always lost in the glare
  3. Classical Kasshian
  4. Sub-brown dwarf
  5. Trojan planet
  6. In 3:2 resonance with Vozataftakh
  7. In 2:3 orbital resonance with Havatrakh
  8. Originally known as Jishiska, then Dakuhezh
  9. 9.0 9.1 In 3:2 resonance with Nyatakh