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Pheism or Corapheism (Arithide Korafeoros [kɔrə'feərɔs]) is a major polytheistic religion of Ilethes, originating the historical kingdom of Syracca in the Avalacia region of west-central Marcasia. The exact date of its founding is unconfirmed, but is held by adherents to be five thousand years before the present; academia consider 1300 BCIE to be a more credible timeframe.

Names & terminology

The English name Pheism derives from the Dethric word phea, a common invocation that in turn derives from the Arithide feos, "god". The alternative, Corapheism, is simply "Pheism" prefixed with the name of Cora, the central divine figure of Pheist lore.


Pheists believe in the duality of spirituality: that of divine beings such as gods, deities, devils and other immortals; and that of lesser spirits, demons and other demigods. Both are essentially amorphous, but the former, with their stronger powers, may take on a human form if and when they appear; the latter are manifest in objects of nature, such as trees, animals, or even the wind, due to their lesser powers. Another Pheist tenet is the centrality of compassion to the attainment of enlightenment, spirituality and transcendancy, which explains the prominence of Cora, the God of Mercy and Compassion.

The nature of Pheism's divinity closely mirror that of humanity: the gods and demigods belong in a hierarchy akin to human society, and observe social protocols such as respect for elders and superiors. Much as character weaknesses and politicking afflict humans, so exhibit many divinities human-like foibles of vanity, violence, greed and laziness, among others. The class of gods is an exception, who are morally infallible and serve as the upholders of justice and probity, while devils are the incarnations of the evils of human society.

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