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Pronouns consist of one and three letters (V, VCV). The personal pronouns are “a, o, u, e, ö, ü”. All other pronouns have VCV where first vowel is always “i” with which they would be recognizable and differ from adjectives and adverbs.

Personal Pronoun(pp) Possessive Pronouns
iz.V*(pp) (pp).own
a I iza mine
o you izo yours
u she, he, it izu her, his, its
e we ize ours
ö you izö yours
ü they izü theirs
(i) (own)
Demonstr. Pronouns Relative Pronouns Nonperson Pronouns
is.V* ip.V* it.V* iş.V*
isa this ipa this (one) ita what işa more
iso that ipo that (one) ito how işe most
isu that ipu other ite why işi-x many-few
ise these ipe here ito,iton,itoç where,to-,from- işo-x some-any
isö those ipö that (place name) itö when işö each
isü those ipü there itu who işu ones
itü which işü all
ite (adj.) how (many, old, etc.) işı either
ita.pis how much

Relat. Pronouns as Subordinate Conjunction. em...... which/that/who