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The onset of what is now termed Old Dalcurian saw a greater divide between that of Thaduracian and Proto-Dalcurian. The main introductions were:

  • vowel shift and introduction of long vowels
  • palatialisation-this became a tonal phenomenon of the higher classes
  • lenition-'th'>'t'
  • introduction of new verb tenses and endings: identifiable preterite with telecity prefix ga (which later came to denote the simple past), perfective present with habra
  • spelling changes: long vowels were doubled
  • gradual loss of modality inflection for 'can, may, should' and 'must'; introduction of auxiliaries habra, hatra
  • identifiable noun and adjective endings: amos amin and adin respectively
  • gradual loss of preposition inflection into stand alone position. This also induced prepositional word order
  • increased usage of personal pronouns, thus forcing a gradual loss of verb concord