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Old Altherkin (or Alther Ta'achs, meaning Leader Speak) is an A priori conlang derived primarily from onomatopoeia. Altherkin Itak is its descendant, which becomes evident in the glossary. It was created by Motonjia in 2006 due to sheer boredom. An example of the onomatopoeia in it is the word cloppōs. It means "horse" because a horse with shod hooves 'clops' as it walks.

Writing Systems

There are Alphabetic systems for Alther Ta'achs, and also a Romanized script. It was actually written in Romanized lettering before the other systems were created. Those systems laid the groundwork for all the Altherkin Scripts invented since then. The first script was called "Puma" and the second had no name at the time it was created (2009), but is now referred to as "Altherkin Script 1".

Sentence Structure

There is no fixed sentence structure in Old Altherkin, do whatever makes sense to you.

Example Sentence from original word-list papers:
Tá tin toe'ak-koh tāch yee lat lus tá plapaps.
The tall police officer told me to light the candles.