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Note: this article contains IPA and Cherokee

Nauspayr (Nauspék or ᏁᏗᏚᎵᏬᏦ) /nɔ'spɛːkǝ̆/ is the native language of a formerly tribal people of a large expanse of low hills in a Cascadian Maritime Climate. Since imperial colonisation these people fell into the lowest social castes and, since the Civil War following devolution of power, make up a large percentage of the resulting diaspora.

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Note that the descriptive phonology (that is, not the IPA phonology), unless otherwise stated, assumes an RP-English pronunciation (just because everyone knows what one of those sounds like). This description is very approximate and assumes minimal linguistic knowledge.
Note: for the purposes of this grammar, the Latin form will be used.


There are fifteen simple vowel sounds, divided into "core", "brief" and "extended". Each Latin grapheme takes one of each of these sounds, each denoted by an acute accent for "extended", a grave accent for "brief" and no accent for "core". There are also six "complex" vowels, each having a Latin digraph.

Core Vowels