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Plural will be indicated by the suffix “_i”. To create a fluid link from the preceding end vowel of the noun in the suffix-vowel “i” in speech, a very small /y/ can be added in-between without stopping the airflow between words.

Negation of the act is done by adding suffix “_x” at the end of the conjugated verb. With “_x” as suffix, ABCL constructs also antonym for adjectives, adverbs and conjunctives/prepositions where appropriate. “X” is also used for the number “zero”. If the suffix “_x” follows a consonant a “short-soundless “ı” (like “ion-loud” in “station”) or the preceding vowel will be repeated shortly before “x” for vowel harmony.

Questions will be indicated by the letter “J”, in case of the pronouns as prefix and in case of the nouns as partical before subject noun, spoken with a “short-soundless “ı” sound (like “ion-loud” in “station” (explained before)). It can also be built vocal harmony with the first syllables of the following noun which will be however omitted in writing.

Example: J.a yüsa? (Shall I swim?); J (Jɯ or Je) şenbe b.yüs.e? (Can fish swim?)