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Dunţaru Xavlikё
The Republic of Muskat


Flag: Flag.JPG
Anthem: "My Muskat"
Motto: "Strength and Justice"
Capital: Ashbaxh (Ashbax)
Largest city: Ashbaxh (Ashbax)
Official language(s): Musmeh
Demonym: Musmeh
Government: Republic
Independence: August 25, 1985
Area: 27,000 km²
Population: 2.9 million
Constitution: Constitution of Muskat

Background | Badvaç

After being a persecuted minority, the Musmeh people led by the ruler, Mus, established the first kingdom in the name of the Musmeh people. After the death of the great king, Mus, the Musmeh people were left with a great empire, the expansive lands and area, are called today “Greater Muskat.” A series of Kings ruled Muskat and many wars left “Greater Muskat” in shambles. Plagues and rebellions spread through the Musmeh Kingdom. After much time of disarray and misery in the Musmeh Kingdom, a group of reformers organized an overthrow of the government and the execution of the king. A series of clashes and battles confirmed the brutality and violence of the revolution. However, the group successfully overthrew the government, beheaded the king, and took over the Musmeh Kingdom. The new government declared the Musmeh Kingdom a republic, and went on to name it “The Republic of Muskat.” The economical situation improved, and the Musmeh people saw a better future in front of them. However, the government took part in funding “secret police” to execute anybody that was a threat to the republic. A series of executions, with out trial, and brutality existed. However, as years passed reforms were passed to stop these executions and expand personal freedom in the state. With this personal freedom, the “Revolutionary Party of Muskat” was formed and quickly became the top political party in Muskat. They advocated violence and brutality in re-acquiring “Greater Muskat” and replacing the government with “pure” Musmeh. The dominant political party that is in control of the government is the republican party of Muskat which advocates peace and socialist agenda. Tensions are high between the two parties as their ideologies differ so much. Now the republic is in peace and stability, but an overthrow of the government by the revolutionaries might spark a series of battles with the neighbors of Muskat.

Culture | Mёxaţir

The culture of the Musmeh people can be described as closer to the cultures of the Caucus Region. They love dance, literature, and history. The Musmeh people are also deeply involved in politics and are always aware of the affairs of the state. The Musmeh people also love and greatly respect their traditions and history, and on holidays can be seen wearing traditional clothes. Many Musmeh people eat meat and nuts, you will rarely see any vegetariens. In the case of war, many Musmeh people would join the army and fight for Muskat, as many are patriots of their state. The Musmeh people are known for their hard work and determination to succeed. The customs of people belonging to the Revolutionary party are similar, but much more centered around patriotic beliefs and their ideologies. The Musmeh people have lived in mountainous areas for ages, for the Musmeh people, mountains are one of the most beautiful natural landmarks in the world.