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The low line (also known as underline or underscore) originates from underlining used for emphasis.[1] Note that this diacritic can easily be confused with macron below. The difference is that the low line is longer, and should result in a single long line when used on several consecutive characters, while characters with macron below should have small gaps between the macrons.[2] There are no precomposed characters with low line.

Low Line in Unicode

Characters with Low Line
_ ◌̲
U+005F U+0332
Low Line Combining Low Line
Note: This is the underscore used in e.g. URLs.

Low Line in Natlangs

Uses of Low Line
Usage Language Letters Notes
Dental consonant Moro D̲d̲ /d̪/, T̲t̲ /t̪/ In the literature there appears a letter D̶d̶ which is not mentioned in the text. This probably stands for the same sound as D̲d̲, but the reason for why it is variously written with D̲d̲ and D̶d̶ is not explained.[3][4] The orthography for Moro did not have capital letters originally.[3]

Low Line in Conlangs

Uses of Low Line
Usage Language Creator Letters Notes

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