Low Elvish

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Low Elvish
Spoken in: southwestern Britain
Timeline/Universe: The Elvenpath
Total speakers:
Genealogical classification: Hesperic
South Albic
Low Elvish
Basic word order: VSO
Morphological type: fusional
Morphosyntactic alignment: active-stative (fluid-S)
Created by:
Jörg Rhiemeier 2000-

Low Elvish is a branch of the South Albic group of languages. It consists of two closely related languages: Avalonian, spoken in the vicinity of Glastonbury, and Sinjenich, the language of the Moonchildren, a group of nomadic Elves in Britain. The languages differ most prominently in vocabulary: Sinjenich has many more foreign loanwords, especially from Romani and Shelta.

Over time, the languages have undergone some fundamental changes. For example, the Old Albic case endings are lost, but a new system of case marking has arisen by initial mutations. The developments can be compared to similar developments that occured at the same time in other languages of western Europe.