List of rulers of the Yellow Empire

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List of monarchs of the Yellow Empire.

  • Hênate (Ἡνατε) the Legendary
  • Kenêna I (Κενηνα) the Famous
    First ruler mentioned in historical records [though no dates] as father of Kentophre. Hênate is described as being his χοδα, though this term is useless chronologically, as while its basic meaning is 'grandfather,' it may describe any number of relationships of greater distance [though not, at this time, of a non-familial nature, cf. the later use of χοδα as a term of respect].
  • Kentophre (Κεντοφρε) the Inept [* 1492 AM – † 1547]
  • Kenêna II [* 1509, r. 1547–1558]
  • Kheuntophre (Χευντοφρε) [* 1533, r. 1558–1560]
    [murdered—I forget how, grr, at the moment]
  • Lema (Λεμα) [* 1540, r. 1560–1566]
  • Hênate II [* 1551]

[This appears to be time period relevant to the Henaudute language as described. They haven't got much history yet!]