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Pronounced: [lɛmˈɯ̀ʒ]
Timeline and Universe: alternate history Europe
Species: humans
Spoken: Lemaria, eastern Europe
Writing system: Lemizh alphabet
Genealogy: Indo-European
 Lemizh branch
Morphological type: agglutinative
Basic word order: VSO
Creator: Anypodetos
Created: 1985

Lemizh ([lεmˈiʒ], native pronunciation: [lɛmˈɯ̀ʒ]) is a language I invented with the aim of creating a grammar as regular and simple as possible. It was originally intended as an international auxiliary language. However, it turned out that a simple grammar is not necessarily a grammar that is easy to learn: the more ways of simplification I found, the further away it moved from Indo-European and probably all other familiar language structures. Expecting anyone to learn Lemizh, at this point, would be unrealistic.

So I needed a new justification for the language: enter the Lemizh, a people living to the west and north of the Black Sea in an alternate history that slowly drifted away from ours between two and eight millennia ago. Of course, it is extremely unlikely that they would speak a language that was completely without exceptions. To be precise, the chances for this to have happened are two to the power of two hundred and seventy-six thousand seven hundred and nine to one against.

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