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Lelimi is a writing system used for writing a number of Zireen languages, including Yasaro and related languages. It is closely related to the Vlika script. Here is a chart with the basic sounds of the letters in of the Lelimi script as used in the Yasaro language.


The letters Lelimi-j.png, Lelimi-g.png, Lelimi-b.png, Lelimi-d.png, and Lelimi-dh.png, which are unique to the Lelimi script, represent voiced stops [ɟ ɡ b d d̪] in most languages, which have developed into nasals [ɲ ŋ m n n̪] in Yasaro. Other notable differences from Vlika usage include the low-tone vowel letters for [a] and [i], which represent [ɣ] and [z] in the Vlika script.