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The Lej characters are used to write Lej.

History of creation

The Lej characters were devised as needed when translating. The list of characters below is from a five-page document derived from the original Lej sources.

Stage 1: Initial creation


Stage 2: Sort by category


Stage 3: Collect characters from previous documents


Stage 4: Draft character list by ID (incomplete scans)


Stage 5: Finalise character list by ID


List of characters

Glyph Class Definition
Lej2173.png Sign I
Lej2174.png Sign Category 1
Lej2175.png Sign Category 1
Lej2176.png Sign I
Lej2177.png Sign Child
Lej2178.png Sign Cookie
Lej2179.png Sign Circle
Lej2180.png Sign Teach
Lej2181.png Sign Line
Lej2182.png Sign Specifically
Lej2183.png Sign Bibliographic
Lej2184.png Sign Database
Lej2185.png Sign With
Lej2186.png Sign You
Lej2187.png Sign Math
Lej2188.png Sign Project
Lej2189.png Sign Is
Lej2190.png Sign And
Lej2191.png Sign Fractions
Lej2192.png Sign Nifty
Lej2193.png Sign Draw
Lej2194.png Sign
Lej2195.png Sign Of
Lej2196.png Sign To
Lej2197.png Sign
Lej2198.png Sign Category 2
Lej2199.png Sign
Lej2200.png Sign
Lej2201.png Punctuation Full Stop
Lej2202.png Sign Update
Lej2203.png Sign For
Lej2204.png Sign
Lej2205.png Sign
Lej2206.png Sign
Lej2207.png Sign
Lej2208.png Sign Category 4
Lej2209.png Sign
Lej2210.png Sign
Lej2211.png Sign
Lej2212.png Sign Compound circles and lines that don’t touch
Lej2213.png Sign
Lej2214.png Sign
Lej2215.png Sign
Lej2216.png Punctuation Comma
Lej2217.png Punctuation Hyphen
Lej2218.png Operator And
Lej2219.png Sign
Lej2220.png Letter A
Lej2221.png Letter B
Lej2222.png Letter D
Lej2223.png Letter E
Lej2224.png Letter Open E
Lej2225.png Letter F
Lej2226.png Letter G
Lej2227.png Letter H
Lej2228.png Letter I
Lej2229.png Letter K
Lej2230.png Letter L
Lej2231.png Letter M
Lej2232.png Letter N
Lej2233.png Letter O
Lej2234.png Letter P
Lej2235.png Letter R
Lej2236.png Letter S
Lej2237.png Letter
Lej2238.png Letter C
Lej2239.png Letter T
Lej2240.png Letter U
Lej2241.png Letter
Lej2242.png Letter Schwa
Lej2243.png Letter Voiced SH
Lej2244.png Letter Y
Lej2245.png Letter H
Lej2246.png Letter Z
Lej2247.png Sign Plural
Lej2248.png Sign Singular
Lej2249.png Sign Singular
Lej2250.png Sign On
Lej2251.png Sign In
Lej2252.png Sign Under
Lej2253.png Sign Over
Lej2254.png Sign Behind
Lej2255.png Sign To right of
Lej2256.png Sign To left of
Lej2257.png Sign Under but touching
Lej2258.png Sign To right of but touching
Lej2259.png Sign To left of but touching
Lej2260.png Sign Yes
Lej2261.png Sign By
Lej2262.png Sign Cook
Lej2263.png Sign Sort
Lej2264.png Sign Dear
Lej2265.png Sign
Lej2266.png Sign
Lej2267.png Sign
Lej2268.png Sign
Lej2269.png Sign
Lej2270.png Sign
Lej2271.png Sign
Lej2272.png Sign
Lej2280.png Letter A
Lej2281.png Letter B
Lej2282.png Letter D
Lej2283.png Letter E
Lej2284.png Letter Open E
Lej2285.png Letter F
Lej2286.png Letter G
Lej2287.png Letter H
Lej2288.png Letter I
Lej2289.png Letter K
Lej2290.png Letter L
Lej2291.png Letter Schwa
Lej2292.png Letter Dipthong connector
Lej2293.png Letter M
Lej2294.png Letter N
Lej2295.png Letter O
Lej2296.png Letter P
Lej2297.png Letter R
Lej2298.png Letter S
Lej2299.png Letter T
Lej2300.png Letter U
Lej2301.png Letter V
Lej2302.png Letter
Lej2303.png Letter C
Lej2304.png Letter /\
Lej2305.png Letter /\
Lej2306.png Letter O
Lej2307.png Letter
Lej2308.png Letter
Lej2309.png Letter Z
Lej2310.png Letter
Lej2311.png Sign Translation
Lej2312.png Sign Schedule
Lej2313.png Sign Piano
Lej2314.png Sign Fencing
Lej2315.png Sign Archery
Lej2316.png Sign Tap dance
Lej2317.png Sign Ballet
Lej2318.png Sign Art (visual)
Lej2319.png Sign Art (sonic)
Lej2320.png Sign Art (motion)
Lej2321.png Sign War
Lej2322.png Sign Class
Lej2323.png Sign Lesson
Lej2324.png Sign Symbol
Lej2325.png Sign Scrap paper
Lej2326.png Sign Competition
Lej2327.png Sign Letter
Lej2328.png Sign Information
Lej2329.png Sign Taste
Lej2330.png Sign Inward Smile
Lej2331.png Sign Outward Smile
Lej2332.png Sign Lej
Lej2333.png Sign Outward Smile
Lej2334.png Sign Outward Smile
Lej2335.png Sign Outward Smile
Lej2336.png Sign Not
Lej2337.png Sign
Lej2338.png Sign
Lej2339.png Sign Of
Lej2340.png Sign Sunday
Lej2341.png Sign Monday
Lej2342.png Sign Tuesday
Lej2343.png Sign Wednesday
Lej2344.png Sign Thursday
Lej2345.png Sign Friday
Lej2346.png Sign Saturday
Lej2347.png Sign January
Lej2348.png Sign February
Lej2349.png Sign March
Lej2350.png Sign April
Lej2351.png Sign May
Lej2352.png Sign June
Lej2353.png Sign July
Lej2354.png Sign August
Lej2355.png Sign September
Lej2356.png Sign October
Lej2357.png Sign November
Lej2358.png Sign December
Lej2359.png Sign Present
Lej2360.png Sign Past
Lej2361.png Sign Future
Lej2362.png Sign Any tense
Lej2363.png Sign This
Lej2364.png Sign These
Lej2365.png Sign Those
Lej2366.png Sign That
Lej2367.png Sign Empty
Lej2368.png Sign Accidentally
Lej2369.png Sign Cup
Lej2370.png Sign Mug
Lej2371.png Sign Bowl
Lej2372.png Sign Plate
Lej2373.png Sign Spoon
Lej2374.png Sign Fork
Lej2375.png Sign Knife (butter)
Lej2376.png Sign Knife (paring)
Lej2377.png Sign Knife (for citrus with sharp point)
Lej2378.png Sign Knife (for citrus with round point)
Lej2379.png Sign Cleaver
Lej2380.png Sign Bowl (cereal)
Lej2381.png Sign Bowl (soup)
Lej2382.png Sign Bowl (rice)
Lej2383.png Sign Fork (four tines)
Lej2384.png Sign Fork (three tines
Lej2385.png Sign Fork (two tines)
Lej2386.png Sign Cheese slicer
Lej2387.png Sign Cake tester
Lej2388.png Sign Teakettle
Lej2389.png Sign Teapot
Lej2390.png Sign Teacup
Lej2391.png Sign Knife (chef’s)
Lej2392.png Sign Understand
Lej2393.png Sign Write
Lej2394.png Sign Make
Lej2395.png Sign Want
Lej2396.png Sign Stab
Lej2397.png Sign Enclose
Lej2398.png Sign Translate
Lej2399.png Sign Read
Lej2400.png Sign See
Lej2401.png Sign Play
Lej2402.png Sign Sign
Lej2403.png Sign Love
Lej2404.png Sign Contain
Lej2405.png Sign Teach
Lej2406.png Sign Teach
Lej2407.png Punctuation Full Stop
Lej2408.png Sign Stab
Lej2409.png Sign You
Lej2410.png Sign
Lej2411.png Letter Voiced SH
Lej2412.png Punctuation Interrogation Mark
Lej2413.png Punctuation Semicolon
Lej2414.png Punctuation Colon
Lej2415.png Punctuation Opening Quotation Mark
Lej2416.png Punctuation Closing Quotation Mark
Lej2417.png Punctuation Digit Separator
Lej2418.png Punctuation Opening Parenthesis
Lej2419.png Punctuation Closing Parenthesis
Lej2420.png Punctuation Exclamation Mark
Lej2421.png Sign At the time of
Lej2422.png Sign Can
Lej2423.png Sign Be
Lej2424.png Sign Or
Lej2425.png Sign And
Lej2426.png Sign Specifically
Lej2427.png Sign Hooray
Lej2428.png Sign Yes
Lej2429.png Sign No
Lej2430.png Sign Some
Lej2431.png Sign That
Lej2432.png Sign For
Lej2433.png Sign From
Lej2434.png Sign With
Lej2435.png Sign To
Lej2436.png Sign Which
Lej2437.png Sign Concerning
Lej2438.png Sign (possessive)
Lej2439.png Sign Okay
Lej2440.png Sign You
Lej2441.png Sign You (plural)
Lej2442.png Sign I
Lej2443.png Sign We
Lej2444.png Sign He/She/It
Lej2445.png Sign They
Lej2446.png Digit Zero
Lej2447.png Digit One
Lej2448.png Digit Two
Lej2449.png Digit Three
Lej2450.png Digit Four
Lej2451.png Digit Five
Lej2452.png Digit Six
Lej2453.png Digit Seven
Lej2454.png Digit Eight
Lej2455.png Digit Nine
Lej2456.png Sign Outward smile
Lej2457.png Sign Love
Lej2458.png Sign Can
Lej2459.png Sign Or
Lej2460.png Sign Or
Lej2461.png Sign Or
Lej2462.png Sign And