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A grammar sketch of Kosi is available here and a lexicon here.

The Rings of Power poem

Three Rings for the Elven-kings under the sky, Rihu bülatu mara edlis kotsülemdroha, Three rings owned by the happy forest people kings under the sky,
Seven for the Dwarf-lords in their halls of stone, Su bülatu harühau lanau mara rihkulemdroha, Seven rings owned by the stone halls-dwelling short gold man kings,
Nine for Mortal Men doomed to die, Kru bülatu bohadvasak om, Nine rings owned by the death-fated humans,
One for the Dark Lord on his dark throne Üsu bulatu saudab drohülab sauddroha One ring owned by the Evil King on his dark throne
In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie. Vaibsojau hasakau Bulatmotjokau. In the shadow-dwelling Ring-Destruction-Place.
One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, Üs bulat, maremab ukra, öt maremt srih, One ring, it will rule everyone, it will find everyone,
One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them Öt maremt deh, öt maremt örau endar It will unify everyone, it will bind them at night
In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie. Vaibsojau hasakau Bulatmotjokau. In the shadow-dwelling Ring-Destruction-Place.

Assorted sentences

We are sitting in the night, and like the night, we are silent. Usut hlis ül, örai kras. group-PROX.DEM night.sky-SUB sit, night-ADV silent This group is sitting under the night sky, and, like the night, is silent.
The clouds floated over the sea. Vai omik sokab osmi. many cloud sea-SUP fly Clouds flew above the sea.
John is taller than he (John) thinks. Jan hnehai jera; at maur lan. John incorrect-ADV believe; he more tall John has an incorrect belief; he is taller.
John is taller than he (someone else) thinks. Üs Janü hnehai jera; ket maur lan. 1 John-ASS incorrect-ADV believe; 2 more tall He1 has an incorrect belief about John; he2 is taller.
The parents named their child something strange. Amta neki laskai kajos. parents child.ACC strange-ADV CAUS-carry They strangely named the child.
The man swept the floor (such that the floor was) clean. Man dönt lantalini tisri. man floor-ACC broom-INS clean The man cleaned the floor using a broom.
I prefer to swim across the river. Serem beski makul. I river-INS COM-swim I want to swim using the river.
Give him his money back. Mara sömjot ndandima. all money-ACC IMP-give.back Give back the money.
How cold is it outside? Kim smin kaut sülau neb? what amount coldness forest-INE exist How cold is it outside?
I haven't found my socks yet, but I will if I keep searching. Kelem ken dreklt ntovar, kelem dasahau dadsreh, kelem likös. I two.ACC sock-ACC NEG-know.location.of, I future-INE but-SJBV-search, I RESUL-succeed I don't know where my two socks are, but if I keep looking, I will succeed.
These chocolates are for the girl who helped me with math. Kelem ljekkranumo lana makhrai, ket samelnü mhal miloseh. I chocolate-piece-OBV.DEM girl-DAT COM-give, 2 mathematics-ASS me help I want to give these chocolates to a girl; she helped me with mathematics.
Your parents are brothers (of each other)! Amtü kelauk dsök ndos! parents-ASS you younger.brother older.brother Your parents are brothers!
Would you like the black one or the white one? Kelauk ört tint makjat, skovt tint emakjat? you black-ACC thing-ACC COM-see, white-ACC thing-ACC either/or-COM-see Do you want the black one or want the white one?
The tank is full. Miktekhas num. tank full The tank is full.
The tank filled. Miktekhas menum. tank INC-full The tank began to be full.
John filled the tank. Jan miktekhes kanum. John tank.ACC CAUS-full John caused the tank to be full.
The water filled the tank. Mara miktekhas kömri menum. all tank water\PL-INS INC-full The tank filled using water.
I am not going to wed one of my daughters to such a daft boy. Üs lanü kelem lomast mahat jamal, kelem dorom. one daughter-ASS I daft-ACC boy.ACC-OBV.DEM marry, I forbid I forbid that one daughter of mine will marry that daft boy.
I need some explanations. Kelem rün kelöst ndahal. I few explanation-ACC IMP-hear I must hear a few explanations.
I'm not a linguist. Kelem hnaumt ntül. I language-ACC NEG-study I don't study language.
Can you speak Kosi? Kelauk elsai Kosi kel? you know.how.to Kosi-INS speak Do you know how to speak using Kosi?
I ceased to behave like my former self. Kelem barai mevukreh. I new-ADV INC-behave I began to behave newly.
I will lay waste the rebellious districts. Kelem mara vistobakt ohi taban. I all disobey-ACT.PTCP-ACC person\PL.ACC vanquish I will vanquish the disobedient people.
Where is the book? Hava kimau lok? book what-INE be.located The book is located where?
What is the name of that city? Suradat kimi kajosah? city-OBV.DEM what-INS CAUS-carry-PASS That city is called by what?
The Kosi people are those who form words with voices. Kosi kelak om sault hulari lük. Kosi-INS speak-ACT.PTCP person\PL word\PL-ACC voice-INS create The Kosi-speaking people form words using the voice.
Red is a colour. Saun jamhok. red AOR-colour Red is a colour.
My family went to Disneyland yesterday. Tjöl Disnikavt löt tenau. family Disneyland-ACC visit yesterday The family visited Disneyland yesterday.
Elizabeth wants to marry a Norwegian. Elis Norskavö ehi makjamal. Elizabeth Norway-ABL person.ACC COM-marry Elizabeth wants to marry a Norwegian person.
I thought (wrongly, on an uncontrolled and not necessarily rational level) that I saw Tarja. Kelem Tarjat lat, kelem mivos. I Tarja-ACC see, I wrongly.believe I wrongly believed that I saw Tarja.
I saw a horse from my place at the door. Kelem josnehi sokjat kelem barjavau soksneh. I horse.ACC SIMUL-see I door-INE SIMUL-stand I saw a horse while I stood at the door.
I saw a horse coming from the door. Kelem josnehi sokjat at barjavi sokdno. I horse.ACC see it door-INS walk I saw a horse while it walked through the door.
Three men longed to fabricate idols in honour of two goddesses. Rih man Jadjeraukt keta jadnüma sminösai makkül. three man idol-ACC two-DAT goddess-DAT much-ADV COM-create Three men really wanted to create idols on behalf of two goddesses.
Tarja hates for Christopher to be kind. Kristov koteh, Tarja desal. Christopher be.kind, Tarja hate Tarja hates that Christopher is kind.
Tarja wants Christopher to be alive. Kristov bahad, Tarja makjat. Christopher breathe, Tarja COM-see Tarja wants to see Christopher alive.
There seems to be a thunderstorm. Sivra latahai. thunderstorm happen-apparently A storm apparently happens.
For Christopher to eat upsets Tarja. Kristov stab, Tarja lisreh. Christopher SJBV-eat, Tarja RESUL-be.upset If Christopher eats, then Tarja is upset.
I don't know whether I'll go. Kelem kom, kelem ntek. I go, I NEG-know.a.fact I don't know that I will go.
I saw a picture of me. Kelem tobekinüli lateh. I picture-INS see-REFL I looked at myself using a picture.
The apples, having fallen from the tree, ripened. Vai elma udsö som, at limemat. many red.apple tree-ABL fall, they RESUL-INC-edible The apples fell from the tree, and then they became edible.
The dog with the man I saw was green. Kelem men nüsehakt hümt salt lat. I man.ACC accompany-ACT.PTCP-ACC green-ACC dog-ACC see I saw a man and an accompanying green dog.
Tarja likes homework about as much as I do. Tarja kelem mralakai jalmös hasaudolost ser. Tarja I equal-ACT.PTCP-ADV enjoy homework-ACC write Tarja and I equally enjoy doing homework.
Tarja, who I thought liked homework about as much as I did, actually didn't. Tarja kelem mralakai njalmösalu hasaudolost ser. Tarja I equal-ACT.PTCP-ADV NEG-enjoy-contrary.to.expectations homework-ACC write Tarja and I unexpectedly do not equally enjoy doing homework.
They say everyone was born free. Durau marem mta, at laskah, kai. back-INE everyone give.birth.PASS, they free, say\PASS It is said that after everyone is born, they are free.
John kept his eyes closed. Jan nbodsem. John NEG-COMPL-close.the.eyes John did not cease closing his eyes.
This bed has clearly been jumped on. Em nturutab sota, kelem kümrüm. person bed-PROX.DEM-SUP jump, I be.sure I'm sure that someone has jumped on this bed.
Tarja had suggested I take a walk in the park. Kelem humau kom, Tarja kibnüm. I park-INE walk, Tarja suggest Tarja suggested that I take a walk in the park.
The man who they tried to arrest escaped. Kas truvülan man laskeh. try arrest-PASS.PTCP man escape The man that was tried to be arrested escaped.
John's playing the guitar at midnight bugs me. Jan vrastin kolühau örau tonika, kelem el lahev. John guitar-ACC centre-ASS-INE night-INE HAB-play.an.instrument, I this.ACC be.irritated John plays the guitar in the middle of the night; I am bugged by that.
After the people had succumbed to the knock-out gas, our agents secured the area. Durau marem bokas lihukjobak bahadbas, vai sko mravt kavilna. back-INE everyone give.up RESUL-knock.out-ACT.PTCP gas, many assistant area-ACC CAUS-safe After everyone gave up to the knocking-out gas, the assistants secured the area.
Instead of you going to the store, let's have me order the television off the Net. Kelauk sadrhes telotakai löt, kelem Marjoki hövjatint tüb. you store-ACC replace-ACT.PTCP-ADV visit, I Net-INS television-ACC buy Instead of you visiting the store, I'll buy the television using the Net.
-I quite agree with you, said the Duchess; and the moral of that is-’Be what you would seem to be’-or, if you’d like it put more simply-’Never imagine yourself not to be otherwise than what it might appear to others that what you were or might have been was not otherwise than what you had been would have appeared to them to be otherwise.’ "Kelem kelauk bönt mkivt sminösai lat," Nobjaled kel; "ol ndatülah: marem karavanai ndaukreh. Boski sauli ukai: marem kümri boska, el ndankavrah." "I you same\PL-ACC face-ACC much-ADV see," duchess say; "this.ACC IMP-learn-PASS: everyone perceive-PASS.PTCP-ADV IMP-behave. different-INS word\PL-INS and/or-speak.PASS: everyone reality-INS be.different, that.ACC IMP-NEG-imagine-PASS." "I and you very much agree," the duchess said; "and this should be learnt: everyone should act as they are perceived. Or, said using different words: everyone should not imagine that they are different from reality."
The man who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones. Kelem mairit smakdekm, kelem malau vai srit harit lindatari. I mountain-ACC SBJV-COM-undo, I beginning-INE many small-ACC stone-ACC RESUL-IMP-remove If I want to undo a mountain, then I must at the beginning remove small stones.
John saw the boy to whom Tarja gave an apple which she purchased at the store. Tarja sadrhasau tübant elmat masa hrai, Jan ken lat. Tarja store-INE buy-PASS.PTCP-ACC red.apple-ACC boy-DAT give, John 2.ACC see Tarja gave a store-bought apple to a boy, and John saw him.
I tried to find out where (or, for that matter, whether) the group was meeting. Vih hnaumeh, kelem kas metek, lokü hnaumeh. group.of.people meet, I try find.out, location-ASS meeting I tried to find out that the group will meet, and the location of the meeting.
It is good that you remembered to turn off the stove, since otherwise the food would have been being cooked for a few hours. Kelauk naral tolatint tsö, kelem bosreh; kelauk saral el tsin, tab rün barau lenau lilanmat. you NEG-forget cook-ACC turn.off, I be.relieved; you SJBV-forget that.ACC do, food few extra-INE hour\PL-INE RESUL-cook I'm relieved that you didn't forget to turn off the stove; if you forgot to do that, the food would have cooked during a few extra hours.
That someone could allow this to happen is despicable. At maltarivandai ndoromah latah. that despicable-ADV allow-PASS happen Someone despicably allowed this to happen.
That that someone could allow this to happen is despicable is common sense. Maltarivandai at ndoromah latah, marem el ndatek. despicable-ADV that allow-PASS happen, everyone that.ACC IMP-know.a.fact The despicableness of that being allowed to happen is something everyone should know.
That that that someone could allow this to happen is despicable is common sense is subject to debate. Maltarivandai at ndoromah latah, marem el ndantek; at lekah. despicable-ADV that allow-PASS happen, everyone that.ACC IMP-NEG-know.a.fact; that debatable The despicableness of that being allowed to happen is not something everyone should know; that is debatable.
That that that that someone could allow this to happen is despicable is common sense is subject to debate is simply absurd. Maltarivandai at ndoromah latah, marem el ndantek, at nlekah; kelem harit tab ljat. despicable-ADV that allow-PASS happen, everyone that.ACC IMP-NEG-know.a.fact, that NEG-debatable; I stone-ACC ingest RESUL-that The despicableness of that being allowed to happen is not something everyone should know, and that is not debatable; that is absurd.
This priceless artifact is not worth risking losing. Kelem kulöst srihut nmaksbolat. I priceless-ACC artifact-PROX.DEM NEG-COM-SJBV-misplace I do not want to possibly lose this priceless artifact.
You must go. Kelauk ndakom. you IMP-go You must go.
You must not go. Kelauk ndankom. you IMP-NEG-go You must not go.
You don't have to go. Kelauk nmdakom. you NEG-IMP-go You don't have to go.
How drunk or high do you have to be to be so confused as to momentarily believe that today is half a year away from when it actually is? Kelem kim smin lünkömrt ndatab, lünvenkat endatab, ol vanrihau mivos: stinut sölühi dni boska? I what amount glass.of.alcohol-ACC IMP-ingest, drug-ACC either/or-IMP-ingest, this.ACC minute-INE RESUL-wrongly.believe: today half-ASS-INS year-INS be.different, I minute-INE wrongly.believe What amount of alcohol or a drug must I ingest in order to wrongly believe that today is actually different by half a year?
If I say "You are a couple of anarchists wearing bidets as hats," how many anarchists are there? "Ket makukreh, kevab tisrehümjo jaskat telok," kelem el skel, kim smin makukrehem lineb? "two believe.in.anarchism, head-SUP bidet hat.worn.during.rain-ACC replace," I that.ACC SJBV-say, what amount anarchist RESUL-exist? If I say that "Two are anarchists, and on the head a bidet replaces a hat," then how many anarchists exist?
It’s a good idea to try and be careful about not copying Finnish's idiosyncrasies. Kelem ndakas kunkra likovri Sivi laskatravat mirna. I IMP-try be.careful RESUL-avoid Finnish.language-INS idiosyncracy-ACC imitate.a.thing I should try to be careful in order to avoid copying the idiosyncrasies in the Finnish language.
I want to become the person I would have become had I been born in Norway. Kelem Norskavau mta, kelem makjat. I Norway-INE give.birth.to.PASS, I COM-see I wish that I were born in Norway.
Were you seconding what I said or saying what you thought I didn't? Serauk serem bönt mkivt lat, serauk jerani nkelani marsauli ehnaum? you I same\PL-ACC face-ACC see, you believe-PASS.PTCP-INS NEG-say-PASS.PTCP-INS what.was.said-INS exclusive.or-discuss Were you agreeing with me, or were you discussing that which you believed to be unspoken (by me)?
I know that you believe that you understood what you think I said, but I am not sure you realize that what you heard was not what I meant. Kelauk mhal ndareh, kelauk jera, kelem tek; kelem atü dankümrüm: kelauk mhal darehalu, kelauk baus. you me NEG-misunderstand, you believe, I know; I that-ASS but-NEG-certain: you me misunderstand-actually, you realize I know that you believe that you did not misunderstand me; but I am not certain that you realize that you actually misunderstood me.
I've had it with these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane! Kelem Davanühau osmautau nakut uhodrakt mara darjanohi ndamot! I Satan-ASSOCIATIVE-INESSIVE airplane-INESSIVE child-GENITIVE-ACC be.bloodthirsty-ACTIVE.PARTICIPLE-ACC all snake.PL.ACC IMP-kill I must kill the snakes who are bloodthirsty for children on this Satanic plane!

Disneyland Hostage (Disnikavau lekahem)

Below is the first chapter in Kosi of Disneyland Hostage by Eric Wilson, translated with permission from the author.

Bna msanu: Chapter One

Serauk rausmaut, aut mtai limoteh?

Have you ever been flying in an airplane when it's just about to crash?

Serem ülkadsat katsemra, serem vilnamharümhavümüt osmautdolorust libukbuk. Serem ken katakt tandönt litisrehüm, srehümt ohi bakri lilat.

I tightened my seat belt, then re-read the airplane company's safety instruction booklet. Then I wiped my sweating palms, and looked out the window at the totally calm people.

Osmaut nmösmaut, serem kovrüm smehat vast lat.

The plane hadn't even taken off, and I was prepared to meet my unfortunate fate.

Seremain ülak nüm lauht taumös. "Maksütüm, Elisain. Kelauk osmotü mhokdeht vai seleh?"

The woman sitting next to me squeezed my hand. "Calm down, Liz. Don't you like the colour scheme of the plane a lot?"

At em Vels Meladi. At marsel sneh, beska hruvi omi. Ljarai, kabnut: "Ülstevat Ndekadolos Livül".

That's Aunt Melody. She's always optimistic, unlike other people. For instance, the sign that said, "Use Seat Cushion to Float".

"Kelauk el ndareh, Vels Meladain? Osmaut Sitrabintau moteh, marem ülstevi södain lindaul. Saudrasva sont ul mekovrüm, kelem dnava; at maremi dnava sötühau bnümau lilöt."

"Do you understand this, Aunt Melody? The plane will crash into the Pacific Ocean, then everyone will have to swim to land with a seat cushion. I expect that Jaws is preparing his teeth; he's waiting for everyone to visit at dinnertime."

Vels Meladi sol. "Osmaut kevau Sitrabintau ndno."

Aunt Melody laughed. "The plane won't be traveling over the Pacific."

"At soktsin, hautem autbesa ndajöts mkivau askaribosmaut."

"That will happen, when the pilot has to discard the fuel before the emergency landing."

"Maksütüm, Elisain. Kelauk osmauti radno."

"Calm down, Liz. You've traveled by plane before."

"Kelem el tek, kelem osmot dajades. Kelem saun tint maktsanja, dehnot limakdno."

"I know that, but I still hate planes. I want to leave this evil thing and then travel by train."

"Durau latü Tam, dehnaut tombat, kelauk njera, kelem libo."

"After Tom's experience, I'm surprised you don't believe trains are dangerous."

Serem ret trebori Velsü Meladü kös, serem ket livül, kast soklihal njeki soksom. Hövak serem sokül, Vels Meladi Boskat sitrai tebuk; Kanjaukjarem Jadhavt sbuk, kaltankmorvaidolorusü em Boskat libuk. Vels maremi ret, at hövjati nlatah; at Minjetlisau misnikmordolorusi dakadolosah. At ndesel sminösai bna, at maremt kel; at laküt hulart sminösai jalmös, serem ata liksiva.

I don't know how to win an argument with Aunt Melody, so I sat back, listening to sweat as it fell from my forehead. Sitting beside me, Aunt Melody returned to reading "Variety", which is, for a person in the entertainment industry, akin to the Bible for Christians. My aunt isn't a star, and she isn't on TV, but she does work for a Minneapolis opera company. She tells everyone she'll never be really significant, but she really enjoys using her voice, and I'm happy for her.

At seremt kitöm taseht litab, serem misnikmort lilat. Serem el nüseh Disnikavau litsamaua. Serem ret dnava Kalisornaim dno, serem vai drüt lilat. Sötau, serem dnüt Lasandjelest makbahad, serem üsai elsai el ölen.

She invited me to visit her, and to see an opera performance. I was now accompanying her on a vacation in Disneyland. I was very excited about going to California, and I experienced goosebumps. At the moment, I could only think about how I wanted to survive the trip to Los Angeles.

Osmaut laskai mekom.

The plane suddenly began to move.

Maur barjav sokbsemah, hari soksom. Mara autnitra svenjanai sokmedos sokmemisüm. "Kelem nmakbohad, lidribara," kelem ölenölen.

The big door was closed with a thump. All the engines began to roar and whistle, and this scared me. "I don't want to die, because I'm too young," I thought over and over.

Vai osmautemsko kamt kisolt tsin, at kalat askaribahadhnemkivt jos. osmaut osmautnau sminösai hlam limedno. Mara autnitra osmot sminösai kaslah, osmaut kevain edli medno. Mara hru hautauk seremain lisom, serem hlam jera. Eski mederüm, osmaut ket limerjoka.

Many flight attendants made a sick joke; they demonstrated the use of emergency oxygen masks. The plane then began to travel very quickly on the runway. The engines hugely energised the plane, and the plane began traveling up into the sky. I thought for a little while that the other passengers would fall towards me. My heart began to pound, but fortunately the plane then became horizontal.

"Sai! Mösmaut tnela!" serem dorüm.

"Hurrah! The takeoff has ended!" I exclaimed.

"Kelauk kümr. Osmaut üsai ndabosmaut."

"You're right. The plane just has to land now."

"Lah! Kelem botek."

"Thanks a lot. I'd completely forgotten."

Harutau, serem vai srit sauthos lat; serem vai vilnakt sminümt djolkat lat, vai srit ot; at sabdni sröbasümi ul dno. Serem el sokmikjat, tani mböt soktebsa.

On Earth, I saw tiny farm houses; I saw tiny sparkling lakes, and toy cars; the last were traveling on a six-lane sliver of road. As I stared at them, someone's hand touched my arm.

Serem kevt katom, serem njat men lilat; kulamhok sul, vai edl süm; tseldümi latan kulatinkads njolt maslat besküm. Man seremt ul kel, serem el mtai nbaus.

I turned my head, and saw a perfect man; he had gold-coloured hair and very blue eyes; a gold chain, seen through his shirt, crossed his hairy chest. I didn't realize immediately that the man was talking to me.

"Oja?" serem maktel. "Kelauk kim kel?"

"Pardon?" I stammered. "What did you say?"

"Kelauk Lisi Hüviti kajosah, Rikmndö?"

"Are you called Lisa Hewitt, from Richmond?"

"Kelem ntsin," serem raiha, vai sibri vadimai likajosah. "Kelem Elisi Astni kajosah, kelem Viniteka dös." Man tsulau ül, serem tekel, "Senlorankavau."

"No," I admitted, very disappointed because I was called differently. "I'm called Liz Austen, and I come from Winnipeg." He looked confused, so I continued, "In Canada."

"Kelem el tek." Man rjokomeh. "Kelem taseht Lisi soktab, kelem njem sokmaknaum; Lisa kelauk ülemt hövös! Bön jön örai sul süm."

"I know that." The man shook his head. "When I visit Lisa, I'm going to mention you; Lisa and you look like twins. The same pretty dark hair and eyes."

Man metsanja, Vels Meladi mbatjot dados. "Makül," vels kel, sormt hövösak nömain ülain dos. "Kelauk mhal tsokjat skel, ket limekot."

The man was starting to leave, but Aunt Melody threw a weapon. "Please sit down," she said, and glanced at the empty seat beside her. "My niece and I would enjoy it talking to you."

Jöbö man ül, serem el libolat. Serem ken harümt njümt melat, at tanisimt höv; ndem danja, serem ret kost jera. Serem bnat duksat ul ölen, Vels Meladi seremain sotevt dalidos.

The man from a dream sat down, and I took a good look at him. I noticed two tiny scars, which were near his right eye; but no one is perfect, and I couldn't believe the luck. I was in the middle of thinking about what to say first, but then Aunt Melody threw an obstacle at me.

"Marem nhreh, kelem jera."

"I believe that we haven't identified ourselves."

"Oja?" jöbö man kel.

"What?" the man from a dream said.

"Marem nkaskeh. Kelem Meladi Saimndsi kajosah."

"We haven't introduced ourselves. I'm called Melody Symons."

"Kelem Kindsli Kotvas kajosah. Kelauk Sanlorankava dös, Nü Saimnaim, kelem jerüm, kelauk ljelsai bosrai hnaum."

"I'm called Kingsley Fortune. I suspected that you were from Canada, Ms. Symons, because you can speak so coherently."

"Kelem usamah. Kelem Meladi makkajosah."

"Thank you. I wish to be called Melody."

"Elisi makkajosah," serem el kel. "Kelauk..."

"I'd like to be called Liz," I said to him. "You..."

Vels Meladi lirut datsin, ildar limikandelah. Durau rün jöskü serem venrih, Kindsli skotök njem, serem krasai raiha. Vels Meladi Kindslit skasel; serem el makjat, serem vels Lasandjelesau Kindslain livül. Taua!

Aunt Melody asked a question, and then my mouth was left agape. After a few minutes of me being naive, I silently admitted that Kingsley might be too old for me. Aunt Melody might make an impression on Kingsley; I hoped for this, because then we might hang out with Kingsley in Los Angeles. Wow!

Vels Meladit makmiloseh, serem hrai limekel. "Vels sminöst kavt radno, Kindslain, at misnikmort tsin maremi elsai."

Wanting to help Aunt Melody, I also began to talk. "My aunt has traveled to many countries, Kingsley, and she is a famous opera star."

Kindsli kaselah, serem mkivi jera, Vels Meladi tant likatöv. "Kelem maremi ret. Kelem sitrai mbetadsau dolos."

I gathered from his face that Kingsley was impressed, but Aunt Melody raised her hand. "I'm not a star. I just sing for fun."

Kindsli sol. "Kelauk bosrai mis, kelem dnava."

Kingsley laughed. "I bet that you sing beautifully."

"Vels tsin! Kelauk hasloküt Minjetlist ndakabausah, kelauk surat ndadno misnikmort lilat." Ket durau misnikmori bnümeh, serem mtai kibnüm; Vels Meladi sütehai seremt dalat.

"My aunt does! You should find out her Minneapolis address, and you should travel to the city to see a performance." I was about to suggest dinner after the performance, but Aunt Melody looked at me angrily.

"Elismetain, kelauk makbuk, kelem jera." Vels seremt Elismeti sokkajos at soksüteh. "Man Kotvas ndamorah aksi elni, kelem njera."

"Elizabeth, I think you should read your book." My aunt only calls me Elizabeth when she's furious. "I don't believe that Mr. Fortune needs help to organise his way of life."

Jöbö man kot Vels Meladain. "Kelem Kindsli makkajosah."

The man from a dream smiled at Aunt Melody. "I wish to be called Kingsley."

Serem ol dos: sokhal, mara sorm ul sokkom, ket sokmekeleh. Serem Velst Meladit hlam tolat; martin nja, serem ülen. Harös örai süm, skür kormkivdjesn, skov mohinakü lantselda, sülai hüm donjan, ket rautü tsukbulat--at djesnaukt ben.

I promise this: I heard her eyelashes moving while the two began to talk. I quickly inspected Aunt Melody; I concluded that everything was perfect. The huge dark eyes, exactly enough makeup, a white silk blouse, a forest-green pants, two silver bracelets--she resembled a model.

osmautemsko marema nüramt vimdelt hnehmledüt saulümt melirutari. "Vai osmautemsko bnümt hlam mahrai," at kel, mtai serem derümt lihal.

A flight attendant began offering a soft drink and a packet of peanuts to everyone. "Flight attendants will be distributing dinner soon," she said, and immediately I then heard the nervousness.

"Tsul kim?"

"What's the problem?"

At makkot, at dastamka. "Nde tsul neb. Kelauk kimraun liru?"

She tried to smile, but it was crooked. "There aren't any problems. Why do you ask?"

"Kelem derümt hal. Tsulü osmaut?"

"I hear nervousness. Is there a problem with the plane?"

At sümt tolat, mtai kel, Vels Meladi damekel. "Tsonjat nmdakunkra. At derüm osmaut."

She studied my eyes, and was about to speak, but Aunt Melody started talking. "Pay no attention to my niece. She is nervous about flying."

osmautemsko snehkomeh liksan. Hnehmledüt saulümt ul andel, serem jateh, serem osmautemskot sokjat, at hru osmautemskot soknok, ket seremain lilat. Tsul neb, serem kümr, serem kim tsin? Mtak tardno naib, serem ret somjasköst kadolos, serem jera, bahad öl dsteno. At datsin. Vai kast metsin, dsök Tamö hukandjobulast hlam metani. At dönüt alumt bulat, neluskavsmadi.

The flight attendant nodded and walked away. I was pretending to open the package of peanuts, but while I watching the flight attendant, she whispered to another flight attendant, and the latter looked my way. I was certain that something was wrong, but what could I do? There was no such thing as the next stop, and I believed I couldn't use a parachute if my life depended on it. But it did. I began to sweat a lot, and I quickly began to hold the key ring from my brother Tom. It includes a rabbit's foot, and a four-leaf clover.

Kindsli rjokat ölent krasai kaultin. "Üs hukandjobulat! Kelauk vast jöska, Elisain?"

Kingsley, with his deep voice, interrupted my pessimistic thoughts. "A key ring! Do you believe in fate, Liz?"

"Kelem? Ndesel."

"Me? Never."

Vels Meladi sol. "Ndasota, Elisain. Ndabek."

Aunt Melody laughed. "Come on, Liz. Be honest."

"osmaut kelemt sminösai svenja, kelem raiha. Bohadkimrös vaisaulau sneb, ul dnava bohan. Takintsulü autnitra smentsemra. Autnitra sntül, osmaut harutain hlam lisom, osmaut ul luhara, marem ul dos, marem..."

"Flying scares me a lot, I admit. A bomb might exist in the luggage, waiting to explode. A bolt from the engine might become loose. The engine might fall off, then the plane will fall quickly towards Earth, the plane will be spinning, everyone will be screaming, everyone..."

"Bokel!" Kindsli kel, lisol. "Kelem svenjah. Dönüt alumt ndatebsatebsa, kelem jera."

"Stop!" Kingsley said, then laughed. "Now I'm terrified. I think you should stroke the rabbit's foot again."

Vels Meladi manaim kot. "El nmdakibna, Kindslain."

Aunt Melody smiled towards him. "Don't encourage her, Kingsley."

"A, kelem sminümai ben. Kelauk ol tek? Mekbet, at maur smeha kaltankmor mara kaltankmori, mara kaltankmorem jera, Misü Mara Saudnüm lineb. Marem kaltankmorem "Dön ndabnü"-i mkivau bnakalati jakeleh. Marem "Kot vas"-i jankeleh, at drobrikah."

"Well, I'm a bit the same. Did you know this? Macbeth, it's the unluckiest play, actors believe, because of the Witches' Song. Actors always say "Break a leg" before the first performance. We never say "Good luck" although that's what is meant."

"Kelauk kaltankmor?"

"You act?"

At mekot, kontin talbaihau tül. "Kelauk kümr."

He began to smile, and dimples appeared on the cheeks. "You're correct."

"Kelauk sminösai bna?"

"Are you really important?"

At mesol. "Kelauk el skel."

He began to laugh. "You might say that."


"Please explain."

"A, kelem barai Lomesa Ha hövakau Minjetlisau ketdolos. Kelem el sminümai sko, kelem ontja."

"Well, I've been working near Minneapolis with Lomas Shaw. I believe it to be likely that you're familiar with him a little."

Serem ntsin, lisoldan. Kindsli el nmelat, serem ontja.

I wasn't, and shrugged. I don't think Kingsley noticed.

"Hövjatöskmor vai bna, kaltankmoremsko svara dolos Halivödau. Kelem Lasandjelesain hlam ljabas."

"The movie will be very important, and my agent is working for me in Hollywood. Therefore I'm quickly returning to Los Angeles."

"Kelauk marsel kaltankmor?"

"Have you always acted?"

"Marsel. Kelem üsai elsai ati kös."

"Always. I only know how to succeed at that."

Serem edlt sümt tolat, Kalisornau solü kulümlaskahalmhok mdaja. Serem kajossert marai makrem, serem ndatül obsiv, Vels Meladi likel, serem ontja. Lauhtanüt Kindslit tolat, jamaitsabulast lisreh. Üs naib, vai dasalüt ardamt tsin. Serem sokmikjat, Kindsli limelat, limesneh.

I inspected the blue eyes, and the bronze skin from the sun in California. I totally wanted to be given an autograph, but Aunt Melody, I believed to be likely, would then say I must learn to be tactful. I looked at Kingsley's hands to look for a wedding ring. He didn't have one, but he did have calluses. Kingsley noticed that I was staring, and stood up.

"Kelem makhebsi," at kel, litrisn.

"I'd like to come back," he said, and then walked away.

"Smin kotvas?" serem Vels Meladit nok.

"How much luck?" I whispered to Aunt Melody.

"Elismetain, sümah!"

"Elizabeth, please!"

"Kelauk lauhtant tolat?"

"Did you inspect his hands?"

"Kelem tsin. Kimi kaltankmor vai ardamt hrai, kelem maktek? Kindsli svadim em."

"I did. I want to know how acting can result in calluses? Kingsley might be a different person."

Knolan man! Serem nhnaumüt Kindslit sbaus? Serem limerkot. "At Lasandjelesau snkaltankmor, ket el ndesel dasahau snkeleh."

An unknown man! Might I figure out Kingsley's secret? Then I became unhappy. "If he doesn't act in L.A., then we might never converse with him in the future."

Vels Meladi sol. "Ket ndebsen?"

Aunt Melody laughed. "Must we cry?"

"A, at koteh. Kelem sndoromah, serem ljalmös jöna Kindsla Halivödau hibja. Lauhtani tuvis, kelem makjateh."

"Well, he's nice. If I were allowed, I would enjoy hanging out with handsome Kingsley in Hollywood. I'd like to pretend that his hands are normal."

Lauhtanü, atü osmautemsko sokkomeh, nüm bnümüt hraikaumt svara sokhrai. Tsul osmautü neb, serem kümr, serem dahautah. Serem mara tabjot talinksurtö tari, tan litolat.

About hands, those of a flight attendant were trembling as the woman gave a dinner tray to me. A problem existed with the plane, but I was only being driven. I took the utensils from a paper napkin, and studied the food.

Mara tab hraikaumau lok; hul srend bulatah, Jadoltor. Serem ken srend tab, kitrö oltintabö ört Alinbjek hlam litab. Delan iridüm, serem hrat srend Jadoltort litab.

All the food was located in the tray; some cookies were included, and a chunk of fudge. I ate two cookies, then quickly ate a black olive from an unappetizing salad. The beef was mediocre, so I ate the cookies and fudge.

Osmaut dönös, serem bakri lat. osmaut tsintsin, obani solt sminai barja, sol vilna drolatah. Serem sitrai ul ül, hautem askari mehnaum.

The plane turned, and I looked out the window. The plane did this again, and a wing blocked the sun to some extent, but yellow light was nevertheless seen. I was sitting peacefully, but the pilot began to discuss a disaster.

"Tsul autnitrü neb," at kel, litarkel; marem mekel, at ontjai. At kümr. Jaru menah, osmautemsko atu dakisütüm. Serem tanüt Vels Meladit sokbaksa, dönüt alumt vai tsemrai soktaumös. Eski ul vai lihadai derüm.

"A problem exists with the engine," she said, then paused; she apparently believed it likely that everyone would begin to talk. She was right. One guy began to swear, but a flight attendant calmed him down. I grabbed hold of Aunt Melody's hand, and squeezed the rabbit's foot very tightly. My heart was pounding very loudly.

"Vai maknderüm," at tekel. "Mara kobol bahat katebsah, at bosmau sntül. Vai askaraut dnava, kelem vilnaukrehusi hnaum."

"Please don't be very nervous," she continued. "The wheels have been made to touch the air, but they might collapse during landing. Ambulances will be waiting, and I will be discussing safety behaviour."

At bokel, marem limedos. Mara osmautemsko sitrü sokadso, serem bakri matösain tüsbosolain sokjat. Sol ul bohad, serem keleh; katsau tin limetsemra.

She stopped talking, then everyone began to shout. As the flight attendants worked hard for calm, I looked out the window at a wonderful orange sunset. The sun is dying, I said to myself; then a thing in my stomach became tight.

Vels Meladi tanikevt tebsa, serem slahai kot. "Kelem kümr, kelem jera."

Aunt Melody patted the back of my hand, and I weakly smiled. "I think I was right."

"Kim hnaumü, Elisain?"

"Regarding what topic, Liz?"

"osmautemsko derüm. At tsult elsai."

"The flight attendant was nervous. She knew about the problem."

"Kelauk kümr, kelem ol ontja: mara osmautemsko amharümah sitrai ukreh bnümt mahrai mkivau hautem tsuli hnaum mkivau bosmaut."

"I believe it likely that you're right, and that the flight attendants were instructed to act calmly and distribute dinner before the pilot discussed the problem before landing."

"Bosmaut." Serem ret kot. "Vels Meladain, kelem svenjah."

"The landing." I couldn't smile. "Aunt Melody, I'm scared."

"Kelem hruvai tsin, tsoksi."

"I am also, my dear niece."

Kindsli hebsi, Vels Meladain ül. At bainjat ben, hautemi limekel. "Kelauk sauk?"

Kingsley came back, and sat down beside Aunt Melody. He resembled a ghost because of the pilot's announcement. "How do you feel?"

"Matös, Kindslain. Kelauk?"

"Very good, Kingsley! You?"

"Kelem nja! Dehanmejalkau, osmautdolorusut maur mat mara hri. Mara hautauk vilna."

"I'm perfect! In the United States, this airplane company is the best quality compared to all the others. All the passengers will be safe."

osmautemsko bnümüt hraikaumt memrebn; lauhtani bokomeh, serem lat. At svenjani kabausteki hnaum, at dsreh. At seremain kot, serem tsobnai limekot.

A flight attendant began taking back the dinner trays; I noticed that her hands had stopped shaking. She might have worried that she would discuss the frightening information. She smiled at me, and that oddly made me happy.

"Mnara?" Vels Meladi el kel. "Osmaut salau nbosmaut, telotakai dausmi mkivau Lasandjelesi; kimraunü?"

"Excuse me," Aunt Melody said to her. "We didn't land earlier, but will instead fly until Los Angeles; why?"

"Vai lateko askaraut atau neb."

"A lot of available ambulances exist there."


"I see."

Kim svö atü neb? Serem el ul lat, serem nmakjera; serem Disnikavau martint limikölen, vadimau hibau harümau tsin, serem ontja.

What answer exists for that? I did not want to believe that I was experiencing this; so I thought for a long time about everything at Disneyland, which I did, I believe likely, for approximately eight seconds.

"Kelem askarü kümr," serem Kindslit kel. "Autnitra nmtül, ut el smehü damrali."

"I was right about a disaster," I said to Kingsley. "The engine did not fall off, but this equals that in unfortunateness."

Kindsli slahai mekot. "At lüt, Elisain. Durau rün venrihi, osmaut Lasandjelesau bosmaut, svenjan lat bolatah."

Kingsley weakly smiled. "That's nonsense, Liz. After a few minutes, the plane will land in Los Angeles, and this scary experience will cease happening."

"Kelem el teküm. Vanrihühau bosmau, mara kobol sokntül osmaut osmautnot soktebsa. Osmaut mkivain sokkimr, vai vilnaktin marokain sokkom. Mara autbesanitra libohan, autbesa metüs, harös bohan latah. Üsau vanrihau, osmaut neb; mtakau vanrihau, bjekü tüs el telot! Marem osmautau lintül, Kindslain! Kula ndosah, marem bohad! Bahan ndanotl!"

"I doubt it. The minute of landing, the wheels will collapse as the plane touches the runway. The plane will slide forward, sparks moving everywhere. The fuel tanks will pop, the fuel will become fire, and a huge explosion will happen. One minute, a plane exists; the next minute, a ball of fire replaces it! Everyone in the plane will vanish, Kingsley! Gold will not be thrown, and we will all die! Say goodbye to life!"

Serem ol laskai melat: vai em seremain melat, hul omat ul bsen. Serem kortab, serem baus, likas kot. "Kelemain ndankunkra, maremain. Kelem lan."

I suddenly began to notice that people were looking in my direction and some were crying. I realized that I had eaten too much, and then tried to smile. "Don't listen to me, everyone. I'm a girl."

"Nuram lan," Vels Meladi hnaum. "Osmautü, marsel tojoska lan. Tojoska smehai dahm lilatü lanut, kelem jera."

"A remarkable girl," Aunt Melody said. "Pertaining to flying, an always paranoid girl. I believe that unfortunately the paranoia will stay the same because of the current experience."

Hautem tekel. "Osmaut Lasandjelesain mör. Mara osmautemsko srit hneht sault ul mahrai. Mara kularauten saulau makkalönka, mara jol tin; kajost saulab limakser."

The pilot resumed speaking. "At the moment, flight attendants are distributing small brown bags. Please put jewellery into a bag, and all sharp things; then please write your name on the bag."

Mara saul möka dös? Saulat mara osmautau neb likovrüm moteh? Serem sokölen, serem edsödüt njokat saunt duksat bakri sokmelat. Edlau, serem ulak mondak ürvit lat, osmautis bulat örai.

Where did the bags come from? Did all planes have them in order to be ready for a crash? While I was thinking, I looked out the window at a horizon-associated thin red line. In the sky I saw a quarter-moon in the process of waking up, and total darkness below the plane.

Osmautemsko stevat mahrai. "El stamksirjokab makbaus. Osmaut mtolakai bosmaut, mara hautauk askarimahani ndaul, hautem amharüm."

A flight attendant distributed pillows. "Put this in the lap. Just before the plane lands, the pilot will instruct that all passengers sit in the emergency pose."

"El kim?"

"What's that?"

"Lauhtani bokevt taumös, mkiv stevat hövös. El ndatsin mkivau osmaut osmautnau bodno."

"The hands squeeze the back of the head, and the face borders the pillow. Do that until the plane has stopped moving."

Osmaut vilnai bosmaut, serem keleh, durau tneli södain nmakjat. Serem laskahai jat Disnikavau jalmös!

The plane will land safely, I said to myself, and I don't want to look at the ground after the end. I really intended to have a good time at Disneyland!

"Makvilna," osmautemsko hnaum. "Kelauk nmdasreh."

"Be safe," the flight attendant said. "You need not worry."

Serem bakri lat, edl laskai sokmevör osmaut Lasandjelesain soksom. Mara srü surad vilnös, at bulatai. Serem haröst korsöt vilat; vadinüm van sröduksa neb. Osmaut lidönös, serem nvilnakt hos vai vilnakt sröt saunu bintu versa.

I looked out the window, and the sky suddenly became dark as the plane descended towards Los Angeles. The city streets were very bright, and they apparently never ended. I glimpsed a huge highway; at least twenty lanes existed. Then the plane turned, and I looked past dusky houses and bright streets to the red ocean.

Om marsödau osmot ul lat? Osmaut hövjati sal, serem ontja; mara latahtobekjo edlain sokkasal mara kobol osmautnaim södi. Durau ati, kim latah?

Were people on the ground watching the plane? I believed it likely that the plane was being watched on television; all the video cameras were being caused to look into the sky as the wheels descended towards the runway. After that, what would happen?

Vilnak kabna sokvidsem eski sokhalös, sauv datül mkiv limeküm. Osmaut södi merih, mara autnitra laskai sokmevidos osmaut sokmesneh.

A neon sign was flashing while my heart was working, but fog appeared because my face became wet. The plane became low in relation to the ground, and the engines suddenly began to briefly roar as the plane began to be vertical.

"Maremain, askarimahani ndaul!" hautem dos.

"Everyone, sit in the emergency pose!" the pilot shouted.

Steva mekevbsenjokt, serem Vels Meladain lilat. "Ksü kelem bulse," serem sokkel sokbsen.

The pillow became a head grave, then I looked at Aunt Melody. "I love you," I said while crying.

At kot. "Ksü kelem hruvai bulse, Elisain. Marem bohad."

She smiled. "I love you too, Liz. Everyone will live."

Serem kas tekel, osmaut daborjoka. Serem bokevt baksa stevat ati viskad.

I tried to continue speaking, but the plane ceased being horizontal. I grabbed the back of my head and jammed the pillow with it.

Mara kobol osmautnau lihan somülit tsin mara autnitra lihanai dos. Serem sokvibohad sokmikmkobös, sokdnava svenjanüt halüt ntülakt takint hal, nde benak latah datsin. Osmautau marem üsau vanrihau vunkel, marem lütai damedos, mesol, mesel.

The wheels on the runway made a loud thump and the engines loudly roared. I held my breath and prayed for a long time, waiting to hear the frightening sound associated with collapsing metal, but no similar event happened. In fact everyone in the plane did not talk during one minute, but then everyone began to hysterically shout, began to laugh, and began to clap.

Serem edlain lat, ket om dnaim jalmöseh. Serem el sokmurai, Vels Meladit mbi vai tsemrai sokkol; at libohan, serem ontja. Durau ati, serem Kindslit tesek, serem taböst rem, serem baus, at ol bulat: serem Kindsla jalmös. Serem atain dasokjat, serem masvirat tint soksrih.

I looked up, and two people in the aisle were hugging each other. I imitated them, surrounding Aunt Melody with my arms very tightly; I thought she'd pop. After that, I remembered Kingsley, and realised that I had a golden opportunity which included me hugging Kingsley. But when I looked in his direction, I found a stunning thing.

Kindsli vijob.

Kingsley had fainted.

Hru msanu: Chapter Two

At latah, serem ret jera

I couldn't believe that this had happened.

Kindsli Kotvas maur nja man mara hri Dehanmejalkau, serem ontja, at ravijob. Süm ket andel. "Marem bahad?" at Vels Melada lirüm.

Kingsley Fortune was probably the perfect man compared to all others in the United States, and he had fainted. The eyes quickly opened. "Is everyone alive?" he asked Aunt Melody in a whisper.

"Marem bahad, marem vunja," Vels Meladi ardamai ldasa. "Kelauk sokkümr kelauk ol sokkel: osmautdolorust kavutau mivad. Hautem takinoltort oltor."

"Everyone is alive, in fact everyone is perfect," Aunt Melody answered energetically. "You were right, when you said that this airplane company is of the highest quality in the country. The pilot deserves a medal."

Kindsli ülain sokbosneh ardamai sokbahad. At mhal öri edli sümi lilat. "Kelem ol ndaraiha: kelem nmakbateh, Elisain. Ksü kelem drevna."

Kingsley leaned back in his seat and breathed difficultly. He then looked at me using the deep blue eyes. "I must admit that I'm not brave, Liz. I apologize to you."

"Kelem srend maktab, Kindslain! Marem sminösai svenjah; sid lintül, kelem vuvontja. Kelem ol kümrüm: kelem Vinitekain doni makabas."

"I'd like to eat a cookie, Kingsley! Everyone was very scared, and in fact I believed it likely that my nose would disappear. I'm sure about this: I want to go back to Winnipeg by the feet."

At kot. "Kelem ken skel mkivau ket hrab. Ket jat kim tsin?"

He smiled. "I might talk to you two before you return home. What do you intend to do?"

Vels Meladi mesneh. "Ket atü nülen."

Aunt Melody stood up. "We haven't decided about that."

"Ket kimlokau vihas?"

"Where are you two staying?"

"Anahaimau vihas. Kelem kajost botek."

"A motel in Anaheim. I forget the name."

Desma? Vels Meladi kajost sadmau jos, at dakas andelut jöts; serem Kindslit ndesel stekel. Serem el mikjat, istnksurtü seremt ket lisrih, Kindslit lildasa. "Ket kantü komtobekjokmort daimi löt, Bnösau Suradau," serem makmilosehakai tekel.

What? Aunt Melody was carrying the name in the pocket, but she was trying to discard this opportunity; I might never talk to Kingsley again. I stared at her, then quickly found my itinerary and answered Kingsley. "We'll visit the movie studio tomorrow, at Universal City," I continued helpfully.

"Matös lok. Kelem ken ndanüseh, kelem makdos."

"A wonderful place. I insist that I must accompany you."

"At vai kot! Laskahai ket ölent sel."

"That's very good! We absolutely support the idea."

Vels Meladi seremt sötehai lat; serem el nlat, serem dajateh. Vels Meladi Kindsli lenutau huktomahai, daimi at Kindslit damakkelkel, serem ontja. Kotai, serem mbatjot dos.

Aunt Melody angrily looked at me, but I pretended that I did not see it. Aunt Melody was apparently disinterested by Kingsley at the hour, but tomorrow I believed it likely she'd want to talk to Kingsley. Luckily, I threw a weapon.

Osmauthasau, laskah oltin neb. Vai tjölerhauvü osmautau om mverja, vai kabausem ohi liruldasa, marem hukdoseh, at likas mara "bahademt" matai lat. Serem bnai bseh, serem sminösai makliruldasah, Vels Meladi ket omtsemri dakom, lönkjokt litsanja.

Inside the airport, total chaos existed. Many family members associated with the people on the plane cried because of joy, journalists interviewed people, and everyone was pushing each other because they were trying to see the "survivors" well. I felt important, and I really wanted to be interviewed, but Aunt Melody quickly walked through the crowd and then left the terminal.

Kindsli seremt Vels Meladit vihasain haut, serem mkob, man daulen liruldasah; mkivau Kindsla bolat, kulamhok sul vai ndakvilbjeki sokkavilna, at osmautau tneli soti sokhnaum.

I hoped that Kingsley would drive me and Aunt Melody to the motel, but the man decided to be interviewed; before losing sight of Kingsley, his gold-coloured hair was being lit by strobe lights while he described the final time on the airplane.

Ket autösi drondahaut, serem istnt vihasain jalmös. Lasandjeles harös; autös vadinümau lanau haut Anahaimt liköm--Disnikav atau kerai lok--autös vadim hibi korsi hrai haut, serem ontja. Serem srend maktab, serem lilanvaisreh: serem mara ot bakri mikjat, serem masviri vilnaki vai vilni ketühau hövühau srau kajalmösah.

Although we had to travel by bus, I still enjoyed the trip to the motel. Los Angeles is huge; I believe that the bus traveled at least an hour to arrive at Anaheim--Disneyland is located there, by the way--and that the bus also traveled using approximately eight freeways. I wanted to eat cookies, because I was too busy with: I stared out the window at all the cars, and I was entertained by the incredible neon signs at the sides of the road.

Serem sminösai sokmekaslah, serem vai bnat kabnut melat: Vihasü Disnikav. Serem Muntasmahalhes bni kaulenah; serem snehai sokül mböhüt Vels Meladit sokbaksa.

I became very excited when I noticed this very important sign: Disneyland Hotel. It reminded me of the Taj Mahal in importance; I sat vertically while grabbing Aunt Melody's arm.

"Bakri makjat! Ket mravühau Disnikavau lok!"

"Please look out the window! We're near Disneyland!"

Autös hövakau mkivau hrabjoki haut, durau rüni harümi Vötrtal tül, kevau autösi litarhaut. Öt joldisjokhövjatöskmorüt tint ben: lan rautamhok umal, vai ndak rünmhok vilbjek; serem hauti üsau makhaut.

The bus traveled near to the front of the driveway, and after a few seconds a monorail appeared, and paused traveling above the bus. It resembled a thing associated with a space movie: a long silver-coloured body, and flashing multi-colour lights; I totally wanted to travel by it one time.

"Ket Vihasühau Disnikavau svihas, Vels Meladain? Üsau örau? Kelem ksü makremü miloseh, kelem dos."

"Might we stay at the Disneyland Hotel, Aunt Melody? During one night? I promise that I will help with the cost."

Vels Meladi kot. "Drisömjo neb talinjosrümt livisöm atau. Ket los slöt."

Aunt Melody smiled. "Too little money exists to rent a broom closet here. We might visit the place."

"Ket el ndatsin! Djolkümt lokutau neb, rün bat svara kel."

"We must do that! A lagoon exists here, a few friends told me."

Vihasak vihasau om Vötrtali hövakain Disnikavain haut, hautemü autös kelös. Smehai, ket Disnikavt nlat livör, ket vailokauti hövakain vihasain lihaut. Korai, serem mara Lasandjelesüt hövjatjodnot melat; serem dsört bahadüt ört bahadsrau lisokjat, serem maurt lauhrasuskavt sokvadek.

People staying at the hotel traveled by monorail to nearby Disneyland, the bus driver explained. Unfortunately, we didn't see Disneyland because of the darkness, so we traveled by taxi to our nearby motel. Soon I was trying out all the Los Angeles television channels; then as I experienced the warm night air on the balcony, I listened to the palm tree leaves rattling in the wind.

Mlan ndesel köm, serem jera.

I believed that the morning would never come.

Roki! At datsin. Serem Vels Meladi drikorai ond, bahadsrau sneh. Serem sröt sokjat, vai Kalisornüt om Katelarjoksri sokhaut: durau kömrdnim josak ökau umnitrautau jön jaru; kedinelmamhokau ketkolau Saudjokü Njakbausem; korautau jönös nüm. Ba lanühau solösühau sulühau nümau jat, at kantain haut, serem sminösai ontja.

Thank goodness! But it did. I woke up early compared to Aunt Melody, and stood on the balcony. As I watched the road, many California people drove using Katella Avenue: a handsome guy in an old hearse with a surfboard in the back; a Hell-associated Angel on a candy apple-colour bicycle; and a gorgeous woman in a sports car. The wind was playing with the long blonde hair of that woman, and I believe it very likely that she was driving to the studio.

Serem Vels Meladi Deldsarü Hasau tab, Vels Meladi dalven deldsarüt seremt söm. Kindsli sminümai kulümai öki ohli Hevrolauti liköm. Serem edlau nhas, serem lant ört lannurot dakavr, solbülat josak miva hautem, rün lsavü marem missandjo. Serem kovrüm lannurot tobekjo, serem Vels Melada limrasa seremt Kindslit tobekjo. Serem sminümai mekot durau Kindsli serema mbasa!

Me and Aunt Melody ate at the Hamburger House, but Aunt Melody refused to buy my hamburger. Then Kingsley arrived somewhat disappointingly by an old battered Chevrolet. I don't live in the sky, but I was envisioning a long black limousine, a sunglasses-wearing cute chauffeur, and a few buttons associated with everyone stereo. I was ready to take a picture of the limousine, so I asked Aunt Melody to take a picture of me and Kingsley. I became very happy after Kingsley put his arm around me!

Marem autau lönka, Kindsli Santa Ana Korsain lihaut. Vai Svani kajos Kalisornau neb, Kindsli raunt kelös, serem mrala. At mrahim, el kel: drohü Svanikav södit jaltakau salau mikelsai; surad mekajosah "el pueblo de nuestra señora la reina de los angeles"-i (at "Suradü amü Jad, nobjalü mara njakbausem"-i mrali).

Everyone entered the car, and Kingsley drove towards the Santa Ana Freeway. I requested that Kingsley explain the reason that many Spanish names are present in California. He granted the favour, and said this: the Spanish king owned the land in the distant past; the city was founded as "el pueblo de nuestra señora la reina de los angeles" (that means "City of the mother of God, queen of the angels").

Serem vai jönt maurit tanau lat; serem ret kovri sol durau Kindsli dehinühi bintsri haut, at beski likajos. Vai kali "beska" radeh, at maurt kimröst rahrai, vai bintsrö likadehinah, Kindsli kel. Serem daret ol kavr: kimrös hneht kimrümt ratelok.

I saw pretty mountains in the north; I didn't how to avoid laughing after Kingsley drove using a concrete channel and called it a river. A lot of rainwater could join the "rivers" and that could result in big floods, so the channels were paved, Kingsley said. But I couldn't imagine that a flood could replace the brown trickle.

Slaksai mara istnau, Vels Meladi sminümai kel, serem raunt datek. Kindsli kas el kaund, mara bnat tint kalat, ljarai kabnü Halivöd, bnasrau besküm kulamhok hiskü vihas; man dakas.

Strangely during the whole trip, Aunt Melody spoke very little, but I didn't know why. Kingsley tried to wake her up, and showed all the important things, such as the sign associated with Hollywood, and a gold-coloured glass hotel with a stream in the lobby; but the man failed.

"Jadsolau, kelem Kanjaukhesü ost löt," at kel. "Ket kustah?"

"On Sunday, I'll attend a church associated with cars," he said. "Are the two interested?"

"Kanjaukhasü ot, at kim?"

"A church associated with cars, what's that?"

"Hiskü bü lükah, at autsitant höv. Marem jontavt sokralat at honvaht Kanjaukhasau sokkel. Autsitanau marem jontavt vai lihanhalini rajedsan."

"A glass wall has been built, and it's near the parking lot. Everyone can see the priest while he's talking to the congregation in the church. Everyone in the parking lot can hear the priest by loudspeakers."

Vels Meladi sormt Kindslain lat. "Kelauk Kanjaukhes tolöt?"

Aunt Melody glanced at Kingsley. "Do you regularly attend church?"

"Kelem tsin."

"I do."

Vels Meladi ntekel, at Kindslü damekot, serem kümrüm, at sminösai likalam. Vels Meladi irit tab, serem nmakbojat, serem likisol.

Aunt Melody didn't resume talking, but I was sure that she became happy about Kingsley, because she's very religiously devout. I did not want to see Aunt Melody stop being in a good mood, so I made a joke.

"Kindslain, kelauk tsibmdai düksi tolahev?"

"Kingsley, do you eat chicken meat with your fingers?"

"Kelem tsin."

"I do."

"Kelem dokarösah. Marüm om tsibmdai üsai lahev."

"I'm disgusted. Most people only eat the chicken meat."

Kindsli solös, Vels Meladi hrai tsin, ket rün sötau drorakilosah. Matös! Serem eljamt sreh hrat kisolt lisrih, aut korsröt datsanja, at edlt mekit limeköv.

Kingsley laughed heartily, and Aunt Melody did too, although she had heard the joke a few times before. Excellent! I searched my mind to find other jokes, but the car left the highway, and it began to ascend a green hill.

"Aut Mara Bnöst Kant mör," Kindsli kel. "Vai hövjatöskmor utau kim, vai bna em slatah. Kelem doromah halmravt soklöt komtobekjo sokandel, kelem dailsai Dursitant srö srödehnauti löt. Nuram ten kalatah, ljarai Hümsok andel."

"The car approaches Universal Studios," Kingsley said. "Movies are done here, so famous people might be seen. I am forbidden from visiting the sound area while video cameras are turned on, but you can visit the Back Lot by tram. Special things are shown, such as the Red Sea parting."

"Marem Saudrasvat lat?"

"Will we see Jaws?"

"Jala! Miktekhasa nmdalanjamal; kelauk betri mikali likajosah."

"Yes! Don't move too close to the tank; you'll be called the headless kid."

Vels Meladi Kindslit lat. "Bat mhal ati kel: vai lötem tuslah, at msanüt Osmauthes hövjatöskmort lisokmurai vai om sokjat."

Aunt Melody looked at Kingsley. "A friend told me that visitors are chosen to act out scenes of the movie Airport while many people watch."

"Jala!" at hnaum. "Marem hrai ndoromah rün hra tent lat. Üsau, vai komtobekjo Osmauthes ksurta; Vaidelkatomakmankamasviraktsinlatahau, vai delkatomakman lanjokö stausom."

"That's right," he said. "Everyone is also allowed to watch a few other shows. In one, cameras record Airport; in the Cowboy Stunt Show, cowboys fall from buildings, among other things."

"Kelauk kim tint marai jalmös, Kindslain?"

"What thing do you totally enjoy, Kingsley?"

"Harhasü Stokrsaunman."

"The Castle of Dracula."

"Bo! El kim?"

"Wow! What's that?"

"Kelem ksü durau kori söti ldasa," Kindsli sokkel, at aust ardamkom el likaul. Serem rün maurt autsitan hrai ralat, serem ontja; sminös otösu tohaut atau kaulah. Marem ksurtsömjokantain sokdno, serem Albertö autöt sokjat, elü Senlorankavü kabna. Serem mekot, serem sminümai livarat; durai kori söti, serem tovelsai josant kaimiskavtehemt lat, tanidön, lntah. Söl kavomü Senlorankav los sel löt, serem ontja.

"I'll reply to you soon," Kingsley said, as he maneuvered the car in order to park it. I believe it to be likely that I've only seen a few bigger parking lots; many tour buses were parked there. While everyone was walking to the ticket office, I saw a bus from Alberta, and on it a sign about Canada. I became happy because I was feeling a bit homesick; soon afterwards, I became accustomed to seeing maple-leaf pins being worn, and badges, and hats. I believe it likely that half the population of Canada visited the place during the day.

Mtai durau marem barjavi dno, serem Kindslit mesas Harhasühi Stokrsaunmani lihnaum. "At kümr? At ramakelsülah?"

As soon as everyone walked through the gate, I began to bother Kingsley to discuss Castle Dracula. "Is it real? Can it be explored?"

Man sol. "Harhasain makdno. Kaltankmor durau mbaki venrihi melatah."

The man laughed. "Let's walk to the castle. A show will begin to be seen after ten minutes."

Marem hrüt kaltankmorüt barjavt hlam sokdno, Kindsli ol kelös: marem lanühau tabösau ül, atau Stokrsaunman terat kajalmös. "Kelauk hul slakst nohi lat, Elisain. Kelauk makbateh?"

As we hurried past the entrances to other shows, Kingsley explained that everyone would sit in a banquet hall, and there Dracula would entertain the guests. "You'll see some pretty strange creatures, Liz. Are you brave?"

"Jala! Kelem ret dnava."

"That's right! I can't wait."

Marem Harhasühau Stokrsaunmanau harühi stamkandeli lönka, livül. Serem sitrai limikjat. Serem sri sminösai svenjah. Troksi bohadhetsai nikah; vauma mara bakrt kavilna. Starah mkivau seremi lok, at tabösi dnava; serem vai raunüt vilnjokt lat, skov starahjaska; damin ken mbatemkabnühu Stokrsaunmanu kanuraman. Serem üst torat danlat.

We entered Castle Dracula through a stone archway, and sat down. Then I simply stared. An organ was being mournfully played; lightning lit up the windows. A table was located in front of me, and it was ready for a feast; I saw many silver candlesticks, and a white tablecloth; a sewing needle decorated the latter with Dracula's coat of arms. But I did not see one guest.

Vai harjamman lihad, harös lotamhas vai harüt büt tebsatebsa. Marokau, vai vilnös vilnüm; sütak ibjasnom ülüm. Stokrsaunman kimau dalok? Serem Vels Meladit menok, serem öl dahal.

Werewolves howled, and giant spider webs rubbed the stone walls. Everywhere, torches flickered; angry gargoyles crouched. But where was Dracula? I began to whisper to Aunt Melody, but I heard him.

"Ndakras, bohadvas om!" at svenjakai kel. "Kat! Kelauk vilnjoküt Sauddrohat lönka."

"Be silent, mortals!" he scarily said. "Damn it! You have entered the Sanctuary of the Evil King."

Serem Stokrsaunmen nlat; serem ken üsai hal. Dönau dasanbarjav soköt sokandelah, bauko jaru ati tül; at duksüt tseldonjamüt hukhes jos.

I didn't see Dracula; I only heard him. A trap door creaked while being opened, and a strange guy appeared from it; he wore a striped prison outfit.

"makbohademutü kelem, Rensild," Stokrsaunman kel. "At lötsinehi tokab, ljarai slahau rjoka irid."

"This is my minion, Renfield," Dracula said. "He eats insects, such as the fat good-tasting thing in his hand."

Rensild tombatümakt njolt lotamalt tani. Laskai lütehem dehar, at seremain lisokslat lotamalt sokjos! Serem lihad, serem ksmüt Vels Meladit stevai likadolos.

Renfield held a wriggling hairy tarantula. Suddenly the maniac cackled, and then he ran towards me while carrying the tarantula! I screamed, then used Aunt Melody's side as a pillow.

Marem sol; Vels Meladi seremt drojalmös, serem kevt vinkatom. Rensild ülab ülüm starahain; lotamal ntül. At tabah?

Everyone laughed; although Aunt Melody hugged me, I did not move my head momentarily. Renfield squatted on a chair near the table; the tarantula had disappeared. Was it eaten?

Serem Vels Meladit lat. "Kelem kelauk lokut ndatsanja? Mara lotam mhal sminösai svenja, jarat."

I looked at Aunt Melody. "Should you and I leave this place? Spiders scare me a lot, and that guy."

Vels Meladi kot. "Kelauk kamasvira, dnava saunt dos, kelem jera."

Aunt Melody smiled. "I believed that you were brave and ready to defend yourself."

"Jala. Saunat umalt tsanja, kelem nmakjat."

"That's right. I don't want to see that blood leave the body."

Kindsli sol. "Kelem ksü makbat, Elisain."

Kingsley laughed. "I'll protect you, Liz."

Laskai, serem Stokrsaunmen sokjat, at harühain rjokain küsain soksneh. At daulan drobara, sminös drojön--serem lent ört sult lat, jön örai süm--serem soklihadüm, dürü Stokrsaunman navart sokmelat, saunman küsö mridai soksom.

Suddenly, I saw Dracula while he stood near a flight of wide stone stairs. Although he was unexpectedly young, and very handsome--I saw long black hair, and beautiful dark eyes--I shuddered as Dracula's shoulder began to see the cape, and the vampire slowly descended the staircase.

"Mara om kima dös? At taböst kaultin; kelauk el ndorom likim?"

"Where have the people come from? They have intruded upon the feast; why did you allow that?"