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The Karyāba ['karjɑ:ba] (sing. Kiryeb ['kirjɛb]) are one of the three great civilisations of Ilethes, originating from the eastern continent of Istheusia. It is not known where exactly the Karyāba came from; folk oral tradition narrates the continued inhabitation of the Head of Istheusia (approximately the current extent of Carabaea), and the earliest historical records found appear to corroborate the story, but the genetic analysis of a considerably-sized sample of the Karyāba reveal non-local genetic patterns and seem to suggest an origin further to the southeast, at least for certain segments of the population. For this reason the Karyāba are theorised by some to be the result of an amalgamation of an earlier population to the newcomers approximately 130,000 years ago.



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Culture, customs and religion




Rites and rituals

Regional variation

Karyāba-descended peoples

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