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This is an incomplete list of known words and word roots for Isλǫtaλao. This language is a posteriori and as such, all words are regularly derived from the parent language, in this case, Latin. This means that any word can be created on a whim from the sound changes listed on the page linked from the main page. The list below contains a smattering of examples to demonstrate the orthography as well as give a feel for the look of the language. (In all cases, the original Latin word is listed as well.)

If a Latin word is listed in quotation marks, that signifies that the form was invented from some combination of real Latin words and didn't actually exist in the language. Also, an interpunct has been used below to signify morpheme breaks or other segmentations of parts.

Word List

Isλǫtaλao English Latin Source POS Notes #
isλǫtaλao Islhonta language spēlunca·tōrem n., III this word came to be the language's name from a supposed meaning of Tsalagi: "cave-dweller" 1
ęjinǫwisa autonym for Islhonta speakers n., I derived from the term Cherokee use for their own people 2
watλa mother mātrem n., I 3
jatλa father pātrem n., I 4
λatλa brother frātrem n., I 5
islaoλa sister sorōrem n., I 6
uwali work, labor, struggle ōperam n., I 7
huku hearth, fireplace focum n., II 8
hutλu brazier, bonfire foculum n., II 9
i and et conj. 9
æzǫ fire, flame ignum n., IV 10
hawælizæ hungry, famished famēlicī adj. 11
λæ blonde, golden flāvī adj. 12
λæ wicked, deformed prāvī adj. 13
káwataλæ to please, be liked by gaudēre v. 14
qi INT.PART quem part. 15
qao how quōmo(do) pron. 16
tązinu also, as well "tantī·duonī" conj. 17
tλaza thankfulness, grace grātiam n., I 18
tλazati thank you "grātiatū" expr. 19
is from, of, out of ex prep. semi-learned form, the fully inherited form would be i. 20