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Timeline and Universe: Arangoth
Spoken: Arangoth
Total speakers: In-game, extinct.
Real-world, unknown.
Genealogy: Family:
Basic word order: SVO
Creator: Patrick Pfeaster
Created: <2003

Igmerind is one of the languages of Arangoth, a country on the continent of Veth in the fictional universe of the Blkdragon Inn. It is now an extinct language and is one of the substrate languages of Arangothek. It was created by Pat Feaster probably at the same time as Arangothek, but is not nearly so well-documented. About thirty words of it have survived in a dictionary of Arangothek. If any further work was done on it is unknown.

Igmerind vocabulary

The words below are in Igmerind - English - Arangothek order.

Igmerind English Arangothek
dashkon dragon daxk
djashkee dagger diskaxke
djattis sword dixtis
djauda pipe dixaut
djaundee carpet dixannote
djaute chintzy, cheap dixaut
djeera music dixer
djida soup dixit
djima plum dixim
erishkon general (military title) erixk
gashkee a cloak haxke
djinga garlic dixinne
keela comb gel
keepon a military title gepon
lepshe great, excellent (slang) lespe
marphee a price marfe
mushon griffon muxion
nedjee sugar nedixe
nishke beautiful nixke
pheeba sausage fed
phlina beer flin
pholpha iron folva
pidjee cabbage vidixe
pindjee chese vindixe
plota butter velot
porphon lord, boss, master vorfon
pulphee rice volfe
shalta a shirt ixalt
simbee salt simpe
whilon elf, slang term huilon
whishon wolf huixon

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