History of Lazea

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The history of Lazea traces the history of Areth high society: sited on the confluence of the Theph and Nes rivers in the scenic Calagian Pass at the exit from the fertile Nimaean plain, its superior environment has made it an attractive site for residences and retreats of royalty and nobility since its founding, helped by its proximity to the old coastal capital of Isphea.

Founding & early history

  • colony of south-expanding ispheans

Ancient Lazea

Economic growth & cultural ascendancy

  • trade, transport hub, location near Isphea
  • pleasant environment & climate attracted upper classes
  • fine arts centre: Theatre Lazea

Political & strategic importance

  • isphea attacked/besieged from the sea (by...?)
  • lazea as launchpad of counteroffensive: protected location (mountains, far from sea) with easy access to surrounding farmland + close to heartland
  • made capital after war

Classical Lazea

See also Lazeian Empire for more information

kingdom followed to unite areth and establish empire

  • names: lazeian empire, lazeic alphabet
  • culture: writing, dialect

Later Lazeia

See also Lazeia (kingdom)#Later Lazeia for more information

Sieges of 1216, 1234 and 1275

Modern Lazea

Historical sites

Tourist attractions

Notable Lazeans