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The history of Arithia is the history of the unbroken autonomy of the Areth civilisation, reaching more than 6,000 years before the present. While Arithia was already inhabited by hunter-gatherers more than a million years ago, the discernible start of a distinctive Areth culture comes well after the widespread adoption of sedentary agriculture, and the precursor of the modern Areth is widely accepted to be the Erda culture of six millenia ago.

Owing to the pioneering invention of writing by the Areth, modern historians are blessed with a wide array of historical sources and texts in various levels of detail from various perspectives and time periods; for the same reason, however, they are also beset with a complicated indistinction between folk legend, speculation and fact regarding the origins and early history of the nation.

Prehistory of Arithia

Origins & Urheimat

Main article: Origins of the Areth

Archaeological evidence suggests that the homeland of the predecessors of the Areth is located in Erdia on Marcasia, a narrow coastal plain in the southwest of the continent drained by the river Or and the site of the Erda culture, the earliest sedentary settlement found, dating to more than 6,000 years ago.

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