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Grey Company Elvish, nicknamed Grelvish among Tolkienists, is an Elvish conlang developed and used by the Grey Company (Tel'Mithrim), a guild of Ultima Online players who play Elves; it is not to be confused with any of Tolkien's Elvish languages, though it is in part based on them. Its main purpose is to give flavour to in-character dialogue.


The grammar of Grey Company Elvish is mostly analytic and weakly agglutinating. There are several plural suffixes (-r, -ea, -ie, -or, -io, -oo), "exact choice is left to the person creating the plural". A suffix -rim is used for great numbers or respect. The pronouns distinguish case only in the third person. Possessive pronouns are suffixed to the possessed noun. Verbs distinguish present, past, future and conditional, but do not receive person/number marking. Word order is SVO.


Grey Company Elvish uses a vocabulary based on elements from Quenya (e.g., calma 'lamp') and Sindarin (e.g., amon 'hill'), but also from various other sources which are not always easy to identify; one of them seem to be various Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying handbooks (e.g., Tel'Quessir 'the Elven race'). There also appear to be some Celtic bits in the lexicon (e.g., shee 'fairy' from Irish sidhe).

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