Gobldi Guk

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Gobldi Guk
Spoken in: various countries, by goblins
Timeline/Universe: Harry Potter or somewhere else
Total speakers: unknown
Genealogical classification: Language isolate (non-human)

 Gobldi Guk

Created by:
Jörg Rhiemeier 2006

Gobldi Guk (which means 'language of the Goblins') is a language spoken by Goblins. The inspiration for this language is from the Harry Potter series of books, wherein the word Gobbledygook is used as the name of the language of goblins. Gobldi Guk could be that language.

Gobldi Guk is a simple language. It is not an especially ambitious project and not meant to ever reach the degree of sophistication I intend to reach with Albic (to which it is entirely unrelated). It is just a little side project - a funlang.



Labials Alveolars Velars
Voiceless stops p t k
Voiced stops b d g
Voiced lateral l

The lateral can be syllabic.


Front Central Back
High i y u
Mid e o
Low ä a å

The back vowels are rounded, the others unrounded. All vowels are creaky voiced.




Nouns in Gobldi Guk are not inflected for number.


Nouns in Gobldi Guk take the following case endings:

Ergative -gä
Genitive -di
Locative -bo


1st person ba
2nd person
3rd person le
Reflexive ga

Unlike nouns, these pronouns have plural forms, which are formed with the ending -ly. Cases are formed the same way as with nouns, e.g. balydi 'I-PL-GEN = our'.


Verbs are inflected only for tense:

Past -ka


alba n. snob.

bäbä n. mother.

burbur adj. green.

dädä n. father.

gobl n. goblin.

gugl v. to speak.

guk n. tongue, language.

lälog n. friend.

oggog v. kill.

uglug n. enemy.