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BAFHEJ = v to sit, to repose, to rest

BACEID = n spike, spire, stake

BEJ = intrans. v to travel, trans. v to travel (with/to)

BELH = n oak tree, oak sap

BASCEITEJ = v to finish, complete

BIFEIT = adj oldest

BIFEM = adj older

BIF = adj old

BEAN = adv now, presently, stresses present tense

BEAS = adj three

BEAZEJ = v to touch, to contact

BEASCEJ = v walk, amble

BEICEIM = n era, period

BOAF = interj whoa!

BOANEIC = n slang dining area, restaurant or in-house

BOANEICEJ = 1.v to practice, to use 2. slang, v to eat, to use up

BOASCOM = adj proper, correct, polite

BOS = n light, aura

BOTAV = adj eight

BOZ = n other people, others

BUR = n number, amount

BUREH = adj/adv numbered, accounted, numerous, recorded

BUREJ = v to count, to number


CABAH = adv approximately, nearly, about

CAD = adj warm, hot

CADEUH = n warmth, heat

CAH = n greatness, superiority

CAMEJ = v to produce smoke, to be smoked, to be screwed

CAMEIDEAN = adj burnt, smoked

CASC = n shovel, plow, blunt object for moving soil

CIT = n star, celestial body

CINEJ = v to fly, to hover/float in the air

CEJ = v to inspire

CEJEJ = v to be located at, to be inside/around/situated

CEAN = adj great, powerful adv with great force, forcefully

CEAREIS = prn everyone, everybody

CEAREIFH = prn everything

CEAT = adj eleven

CEAZEITEJ = v to settle, to colonize, to found

CEIH = part that, relative conjunction

CEIREJ = v to allow, to permit

COM = adj fast, rapid

COR = adj angry, furious

COREJ = v annoy, shock

COSAREJ = v sting

COANEV = n metal object

COANEVOM = adj metallic, made of metal

CEUSEITEJ = v to lie, to deceive

CEUZIS = n liar, fraudulent person

CEUDEIN = adj mordant, sarcastic, cynical, annoying, decietful, cruel, rude

CEUHEJ = v to make treason against, to stab in the back

CUK = n broom

CUTESC = n status


DACEAH = n tone, music

DAKEH = n key, chord, group of tones/notes

DAMEAF = n belt, strap

DAZEJ = v to hate, to detest, to abhor

DASCEJ = v to place, to put, to lay, to drop onto

DEKEIN = prn third person, singular, inanimate, accusitive

DELH = n life slang gift

DELHEJ = v to be independent, autonomous, sovereign, dignified, etc

DESCEAK = n oblong breed of krill like sea creatures

DEALHEIN = adj light red, unsaturated red

DEAPIR = n lentils, pulses

DEARASC = n krill like sea creatures

DEAREIVAC = slang, interrog right?, yes?, ok?, clear?

DEASC = n function, purpose

DEASCEJ = v to function, to work properly (reflexive)

DEICEAL = n alcohol

DEICEJ = v to be drunk, to be an alcoholic, idiom "dicaej fhis sced" translates as drunk with unhappiness, meaning offended

DEICEAMOM = adj sour tasting, alcohol-like flavor

DEIK = slang, n fermented fruit juice, particularly from berry origin

DEIH = part through, across

DEIS = prn third person, singular, possessive

DOBELH = n husband

DOM = prn third person, singular, animate, accusitive

DON = adj similar, like

DOKEJ = v to be similar to (etym: doen+kaej-->doekaej like+be-->be-like)

DOAM = prn third person, singular, inanimate, nominative

DOAN = prn third person, singular, animate, nominative

DOAPEJ = v to cause

DOAP = part denotes action towards locatively, to

DUNEJ = v to live (medically, not spatially), to exist

DUT = prn elsewhere, somewhere else

DUTOM = adj/adv foreign(ly), exotic(ally), from elsewhere

DEUFH = adv again, salut (until) again

DEUVEJ = v to climb

DEUSCEAC = prn third person, plural, ablative/dative


FABAT = n accusations, gossip, talk (zero-plural)

FAKIH = n shape, form, example

FAMOAH = n strength, harshness, resilience

FASIR = n script, orthography, alphabet

FASC = n mark

FASCEJ = v to write, to mark

FEACOR = adj/adv shocked, frightened, amazed, dazzled

FEAFEJ = v to weave, to shuffle, to dodge (all otaempeia)

FEAN = adj young, small, little

FEAREIH = prn first person, plural, nominative, inclusive

FEAZEJ = v to think such, to believe, to understand (transitive)

FEAZEIT = n a person who understands (something) (plural feazeib), an intellectual

FEAZIT = n an adherent, a believer

FEAZAT = n reasoning, a reason, a motive

FEAZEINAH = n thought, philosophy

FEASCEJ = v to teach

FEASCIT = n instruction, period of instruction

FEASCOH = n teacher, instructor

FEIREN = n culture, identity

FEIREAT = n height as a quality

FEIROM = adj tall, high

FEJ = v to rise, to wake up, to stand

FOAS = n bitterness, gross flavor

FOASEAN = adj bitter, gross (flavor)

FONEIN = prn first person, plural, accusitive

FOROM = adj/adv cold(ly), cool(ly)

FUH = n nose (zero-plural)

FEUZEJ = v to learn, to study


FHEJ = v to take, to receive

FHEK = prn both, each

FHEKALEJ = v to translate, to be bilingual (arch)

FHANOT = n grain(s)

FHAT = n error, mistake

FHEADEJ = v to give, to offer

FHEAK = interject hell! damn! slang adj/adv a lot, many, very

FHEAMEJ = v to plant

FHEAM = n container (originally, seed container, but the meaning has widened)

FHEAN = adj clever, witty

FHEANOT = n field(s)

FHEAQUT = 1.n amaranth the plant 2.n amaranth grain

FHIJOAK = n flavored meal or porridge, similar to oatmeal, usually from fhequt

FHINEJ = v to start, to begin, to commence

FHEIKAH = adj two

FHEIMEAPEJ = v to harvest, to take

FHEIMEIZ = n shore, edge, corner

FHEINEJ = v to sow, to plant

FHEINEAHOK = n farmer, arch sower, planter

FHEIS = part within, inside of

FHOD = n breasts (zero plural)

FHOM = adj/adv polite(ly), merciful(ly), sympathetic(ally)

FHOAQ = adj/adv absolutely, really, truely, verily

FHULH = n shelter

FHEUDOM = adj adequete, capable


HEJ = v to work, to labor

HEFH = conj or

HELIH = n language, speach

HET = n spirit, diety

HAC = n year

HACAZ = n meat, including poultry

HACEAM = n kindling, zero-plural

HAFEJ = v feel (intentional form)

HAFHEJ = v to appear (as such), to seem, to look (as such)

HAH = prn thing

HAJAREIN = n city in Kupeimeiceah, new Heajaz

HAKEIH = n devotee to Hakenah

HAKENAH = n water diety

HAKUVASAH = n traitor, turncoat

HALEJ = v to speak, to say

HALHEJ = v to tell a story, to mythologize

HALEAH = n news, stories

HAMEAT = n flame

HAMEJ = v to burn, to incinerate

HAN = n leg, foot

HANEJ = v to dazzle, to amaze, to stupify

HANAH = adj amazing, fascinating, incredible, dazzling

HANAKEALHEIN = n heaven, nirvana

HANEIT = adj yes

HAREPAH = n political structure based on cultural symbiosis, specialization

HARAMEAV = n the sun

HARAPAH = n political group based on harepah

HARAPEANEIN = n symbiosis, co-operation

HARAH = n woman

HAREAH = n flowering plant

HAREISC = n leader

HASEJ = v to feel (unintentional, universal form)

HAV = prn first person, singular, nominative

HAZ = interj shush! n scar, harmed body part

HAZEJ = v to kill, to harm

HAZATOM = adj amber, golden

HIH = prep with, alongside, adj pregnent

HIHEJ = v to agree with someone, to support some one

HIJ = n water (not rainfall)

HIM = prn first person, singular, accusitive

HINEJ = v need, require

HIZEALEJ = v to drown

HEAHEIM = n sister

HEAJAZ = n city in Laescelh

HEAJAZAREIFH = n city-state in Laescelh

HEAKEIH = n egg

HEALAT = n life

HEALATOM adj sacred

HEALEISCEIH = n a devotee to twilight goddess

HER = adv well adj happy, healthy

HESEJ = v to release, to let go, to relinquish

HEATEIK = adj bad

HEAV = 1.adj sole 2.adj one

HEAZ = prn first person, singular, possessive

HEIC = n brevity, short period, coll twenty days or less, n estimate, guess

HEICEJ = v to guess, to estimate

HEIDEIVEIZ = 1.n a tree species 2.n spice produced from the bark of the hidiviz tree

HEILEIN = adj shorter

HEILEIT = n peace, life greet/salut similar to shalom

HEILEITEJ = v welcome, greet

HEILEITEAH = interj I'm sorry, please excuse me

HEIMEIN = adj black, burnt

HEIP = interj oh, my, well

HEIREALANAH = n storm diety

HEIREIH = n a devotee to Hirelanah

HEIREIDEJ = v to assist, to help

HEIROANUR = n bird

HEISCEJ = v to break

HEISCOM = adj destined to end, impermanent, breakable

HEISC = n death, destruction, damage

HOATAC = n picture, drawing, sketch

HOATEAC = n small oasis or pool in an arid area

HOATEIV = n tomarrow

HOAVEIM = n sybling, close friend

HOAVEJ = v be friendly, brotherly/sisterly with

HOASCUQ = n pattern

HONEJ = 1.v to see 2. v to sense (literal rather than inuitive)

HONEAJ = n male fertility deity with a very small cult following

HOT = n day, day time, bright-ness

HUQOT = n yesterday, the previous day

HUTEIR = n wild dog, wild fox, n sand/dirt grains

HEUH = part under, beneath

HEUHOH = adv/adj truly, ultimately, completely, really, absolutely, general stress word

HEUSC = n person


JAH = n sky (during the day)

JEJ = v to stop, to terminate, to finish

JACEAL = n positive point/period, upbeat part

JACOM = adj optimistic, positive, upbeat

JEIKOSC = n fat(s), kurds

JEIM = n cost, price

JEN = adj final, terminal, last, n nonsense, gibberish

JESOM = n tears

JEID = conj but, however, nonetheless

JID = adj equal, fair, balanced

JIDAH = n equality, fairness, balance, reciprocity, karma

JOJ = adv now, presently

JUHIH = n hunger

JUHIHOM = adj/adv hungry

JUK = adj/adv fearful(ly), terrifying(ly)


KACEAL = n chasms, pitfalls, period(s) of suffering or sorrow

KALH = adj/adv easy/easily, without stress or difficulty

KAROTEJ = v to do

KARASC = slang, noun bitch, whore

KAZEIH = n arm

KEADEAS = n blood

KEADEASEAN = adj bloody, violent

KEADEAZEAN = adj threatening, dangerous

KEAH = prn second person, plural/formal, dative/ablative

KEAMEJ = v to be afraid, to be terrified, to be cowardly

KEAREIN = slang sure, thanks

KEAROSOM = adj light green, fresh green

KEH = n working station, workroom

KEJ = v to be

KELH = interj ugh

KEROM = adj fresh, new, young

KETEJ = v to remember, to recall

KEVEJ = v to complete, to finish

KEIZEAN = adv previous, adj prior

KEIT = adv otherwise, adj other

KOAKAS = name, n specific Classical Faraneih philosopher, or the school of thought he founded

KOAKASEIH = n philosopher that follows koakas

KOTEJ = v to know, to predict

KOLH = n futile thing

KEUD = n enemy (collectiv and singular, regular plural)

KEUNAT = n marriage

KEUNATEJ = v to marry (ie: to make/force to marry, I marry her to me > keunatejeih hav doan sceuh hin (PF)/ fheis hav (LF)

KEUNAT = n arranged marriage

KEUSCEJ = v to grind (into a powder)

KEUT = adj seven

KEUZEJ = v to be victorious, to succeed.

KEUSCEH = n sadness, loss, shock, mourning

KEUSCEAN = adj/adv dry, sad(ly), tearful(ly)

KUH = n polity, administrative unit

KUPEIMEICEAH = n desert region northwest of Laescelh

KUREJ = v to give, to donate

KUSC = n performance


LAVEIN = adj/adv complex, intricate(ly)

LAVOTEJ = intrns v to be complex, trns v to make complicated

LAEJ = v to want

LEVEITOM = adj delicious, sweet

LEPIR = n pleasure, joy

LESCEALH = n hilly region dominated by the Faranih

LALEJ = v to call out, to scream, to call for help

LAPEILH = n dear, sweet

LIH = adj all, global adv globally

LIR = prn arch all things, everything (global sense), all of the above

LEASEIF = n voice

LEASEIV = n song

LEAVEJ = v sing

LEAVIZAH = n the star goddess

LEAVIZEIH = n a devotee to the star goddess

LEIDEIN = adj worse

LID = prn that

LIRODEAZ = n breed of melons famous for its sweet and sour taste

LITEH = adj/adv bad, evil, malicious(ly)

LITEHOM = adj/adv cunning(ly), plotful(ly), craft(ily)

LIZEALH = n sapphire like gems exported from alpine regions of Kupimiceh

LOL = n sound, noise, disturbance

LONEJ = v to be lost, to be confused

LOT = n everyone

LOSCAT = n mud, clay, adobe

LUDEIH = n an evil person, a cruel person

LEUREUNEIH = n incantation, charm, quiet chant, prayer (often with a negative connotation of dark or mixed nature)


LHEJ = v to be named, to be called

LHEFH = prn this, col thus, this

LHAH = n drink produced with steeping, tea or tea-like drinks

LHAL = n song, chant

LHALEJ = v to sing

LHEALEATEH = myth heroine of the Lheletimen

LHEALEATIMEN = n ballad of Lheletaeh

LHEINEAD = n continent containing Laescelh, Kupimiceh, and other regions

LHIH = n ball, bowl

LHOCIM = n river in northeastern Laescelh

LHOMEJ = v to dance slang to have intercourse with

LHONEAD = n movement

LHOAP = n virtue, conscience

LHOPEJ = v to behave virtuously, set an example (ACC - to whom, DAT - means)

LHOPAH = n virtuous person, saint

LHUH = adj perfect, epitomic, flawless adv perfectly, flawlessly

LHUL = adj most perfect, most divine

LHEUDAN = n overcast clouds, sky-covering stratus clouds


MAKEJ = v to belong (to), to be owned (by)

MANAHUHOM = adj/adv disgusting(ly), unappetizing(ly), repulsive(ly)

MEJ = v to stop, to slow, to stall, to wait

MEPEJ = v to be able to, can

MEAREAS = prn second person, plural/formal, possessive

MESCEIH = n forest, wood

MEASCEINEAFH = n forested region west of Laescelh

MIZ = n slices of bread, snack(s)

MIDEJ = trans v to build, to construct, to erect intrans v fix/be fixed, repair/ be repaired

MEIKEJ = v to rain, v + adj to become or grow (adjective)

MEIKANAH = n raindrop

MEIKEH = n rain(storm)

MEINESCOM = adj green, emerald

MEISED = n coast, shore (from Mescinefh, a coastal forest)

MIZOEM = adj real, vivid

MIZEUN = n ocean

MOZ = adj nine

MOFHEJ = v be convinced, be persuaded, be advised, be given advice

MOKEIN = prn second person, singular, accusitive

MOLEIN = prn second person, plural/formal, accustive

MOALEIH = prn second person, plural/formal, nominative

MOQEAQ = arch n predictable or seasonal flood, tide

MUD = adj sexual, sexy, hot, concerning sex, reminescent of sex, causing lust

MUDAR = n sex, sexual behavior, promiscuity, philandering

MUDEJ = v to (have) sex, to initiate sexual behavior

MUK = n face (person, or object) , front

MUZED = n intent, reasoning

MUR = n taste, bit, bite, little piece

MEUK = adj a few, some


NEJ = v to return, to go back (to)

NAKAT = prn, interrog who

NAKIR = prn, interrog what, which

NAKUMEJ = v to flood

NAVOAT = n origin

NAZEAH = n answer, response, anti-question

NILHEH = n paternal grandmother (Poeleizih)

NIS = n thousand

NESER = adj ten

NEAB = n son, (affectionately) male child

NEASCEIP = prn, interrog why, for what, for what reason

NEIBEID = n creator

NEIBEIDEJ = v to birth, to create, to fashion

NEIBEIT = n grandmother

NEIH = part denotes action towards in forming ablative/dative case

NEIKIH = n aunt

NEIKOAL = slang huh, what

NEILEH = n paternal aunt (Poeleizih)

NEIMEIH = n mother

NEIREIS = prn second person, singular, possessive

NOD = n hundred

NOH = n mommy

NONOH = n mama

NOR = prn second person, singular, nominative

NEUBOM = adj/adv shiny, luminous, with luster

NEUL = n abusive person

NEUM = n hand

NEUSC = n use

NEUSCEJ = v to use, to utilize

NURAT = n condolences, apologies, kindness (zero-plural)

NUSC = n pretense, impersonation, forgery

NUSCEJ = v to pretend (to do something), to impersonate (some one or thing)


PAB = n heart

PAFEUZEJ = v to read, to look over, to examine

PAFHEJ = v to continue, to go further/onward

PET = n night, darkness

PAFEJ = v to change, to move onward

PEJ = v to want

PAMINAH = n tower, large building

PASEAREAN = adv again, indicates repetition

PEANATEJ = v to trust, to hold in high esteem

PEANETOEM = adj brown, dirty brown

PEPEDEJ = v retrieve, pick (back) up, save

PESEJ = v to introduce

PIH = part of, from (spacially)

PIK = n butterfly/moth

PITEJ = v to bargain for, to search for, to attempt

PIZAT = n forgiveness, pardon

PIZOHEJ = v to forgive

POALEJ = v come quickly, race, come (to help some one) quickly, race (to their aid)

PORESC = n city

POLIZEIH = n a devotee to Poelesc

POLEASC = n god of cities, demonized in non-Poeleizih mythologies

POLH = n stare

POLHEJ = v to stare

POREJ = v to deduce

POROK = n strategy, plan, device

POV = n mother

POSC = n deceived person

POSCEAT = n lie, deceit, falsehood

PUKET = adj six

PUREJ = v to meld, to join

PUZEIL = adj far, distant n great distance, horizon fig -eapuzeil = quite distant

PUZIL = 1. n a domesticated tree 2. n the edible roots of that tree

PEUL = n jug, gulp


QEJ = v to defeat, to triumph over

QAB = n finger, digit

QAH = n girl, daughter

QALHEJ = v to promise

QAMAH = n bundle, collection

QAMAHEJ = v to gather, to collect, (reflexive) to assemble

QAMAT = n legend of the great gods' war

QAT = n enemy, zero-plural

QETAREJ = arch. v to rescue, to save

QEASC = n creature(s)

QITIS = arch n bloodshed, violence

QIDIH = n pain, suffering, cruelty

QITOM = adj red, crimson

QIDIS = arch. n war, violence

QIDISEIH = n warrior, fighter, soldier

QIDEJ = v to fight, to attack

QOD = n lightning(strike)

QODEJ = v to strike, to hit

QONEJ = v to unroll, to spread, to open (a letter, a seal)

QOV = n moment, instant, arch n blitzkreig, ambush, sudden attack

QUDEJ = v to undermine (often violently and internally)

QUREZEM = adj pertaining to miltary particularly occupation

QEUZ = n hair (regular plural)

QUV = n midst arch n middle of chaos, heat of battle


REJ = v to have, + fheis - to contain, envelope

REHEJ = v to be aquainted with, to know (connaitre form)

RETEIN = adj fun, enjoyable, interesting

RACUEMIH = n child

RAFH = prep under, below

RAZOH = n bone, cartilegde

RAZOR = 1. slang, n penis, phallus 2. n pillar, support

RIB = adj/adv exact(ly), precise(ly)

RIHEJ = v to shelter, to comfort, to protect

RIZET = n a species of yellow flower

RIZOM = adj yellow

RISCAH = n world, universe

REINEJ = v to nurse

REIN = n nipple

RAZEJ = v to hide (transitive or reflexive)

REAK = n night, night-time

REAN = part until

REIH = prep over, ontop of, above

REIZOTEJ = v doubt, suspect, be paranoid of

RIZ = prn third person, plural, possessive

ROHEJ = v to cause stress, to be difficult, to challenge

ROM = adj difficult, hard, stressful

RONOH = n forest, wood

REUK = prn here

REUVEJ = v to search (for), to look (for)


SACEJ = v to defecate

SAH = n nightsky, dusk

SAP = n duck, waterfowl

SEH = n flower

SEJ = v to batter, to hit, to harm

SEN = adj eternal

SENEJ = v to swim, slang v to move/shimmer

SENUR = slang n freshwater bog, freshwater swamp

SIH = n skeptic, disbeliever

SEAREISC = n knot, tangle

SEARISC = n chaos, anarchy, madness, uncivilized behavior, disorder, bizarrity

SEAROM = adj bizarre, unusual

SEASCIT = n loneliness

SEASCOM = v lonely

SEIH = part (spatially) in front of, forward (temporally) after(wards)

SEIL = adj/adv worthy, deserving

SEIMAH = n eye (irregular plural)

SEIN = adv more

SOMAF = n eyes

SUBEJ = v to own

SUN = n sleeping mat

SUQ = interj expresses extreme happiness, yes!, halleluia!

SUREH = adj five

SEUD = n short period of time (about an hour)

SEUPEJ = v to buy, to barter for


TEBIN = adj large, plentiful

TEH = n friend, companion

TEJ = v to remove, to take off/away, to undress

TACAH = n idiot

TADEJ = v to listen, to hear

TAD = n chutney, sauce, flavoring

TADAZEJ = v to insult, to strip the outer layer off

TAFH = n ear(s)

TASERIV = n truth, statements of truth

TASIP = adj four

TIBEK = adv as normal, the normal way, normally, as usual, as often

TIC = n goat

TICOM = adj stubborn

TIP = prn third person, plural, nominative

TIS = n home, homeland, shelter

TIZEH = n breast, chest, rib cage

TIZEJ = v to hear

TEH = n group, ethnicity, crowd

TEALHEIC = 1. n a domestic fruit tree 2. n the fruit of that tree

TEALHOM = adj dark purple, saturated violet

TEAREJ = v to wish

TEAREIPEAS = prn fourth person

TEARISC = greet formal (Poelisem)

TEIBEIN = prn third person, plural, accusitive

TEIH = part for, because (causative)

TEIHEIM = n brother

TILHEATEJ = v to play, to frolic

TEIMEARITAH = n peninsula on the western coast of Ledan

TEINELHEH = n flock, herd

TEISOM = adj unripe, petulant, rebellious

TIRIJ = salut informal (Poelisem)

TIREJ = v to be required to, must, should

TOBIT = n grandfather

TOKEIH = n uncle

TOH = n father

TEUFEIH = n valley or gorge

TEUVEAN = adj blue, violet, purple


VAH = adj common, ubiquitous

VED = n peace slang submission, subjugation

VELEIB = arch. prn exclusive we, determined as impolite in most groups

VASCEL = n reason, sense

VASCOM = adj/adv reasonable, sensible, sensibly, reasonably

VIR = adv also, additionally, and

VISOM = adj/adv famous(ly)

VIZEIH = n dear, darling, bride, groom

VEAREINEJ = v to wonder, to ponder the possibility of

VEAZOP = n throat

VIQOM = adj/adv merely, only, simply, just

VIS = n cart, carriage

VEIT = part/prep denotes action from, used to form ablative forms

VEHEJ = v to sleep, to rest, to relax, to recouperate

VODUR = n begining

VODURIH = fig in the begining (used as once upon a time is)

VOJID = n love (emotion)

VOK = n place, location locale

VOSCIH = n lover, partner

VOAP = part as, while, at the same time as

VOANABEAP = 1. n a crop native to Laescelh, raised for its fibers 2. n cloth made from those fibers

VOAREJ = 1. v to find 2. arch. v to experience (through)

VOZEIS = prn first person, plural, possessive

VOSC = n love, rapture

VOSCEJ = v to love, to cherish

VUFHEIC = prn first person, plural, ablative/dative

VUZEJ = v to lust (after/for)

VUZIT = n lust

VEUT = n place, room

adj contained, trapped, cornered

VEUSCAH = n good friend


ZEJ = v to depart, to leave, to exit

ZEV = adj never, not ever

ZER = ad unhealthy, sick, unwell, ill

ZET = adj none, not one

ZADIH = n silence, quiet

ZAKOTOM = adj unknown, unidentified

ZALIHOM = adj/adv ugly, with harsh intent, unkind, disfigured

ZAMEAF = adj/adv free, loose, insecurely tethered, independent, feral

ZAMIZ = n imagination, dream, fantasy, illusion, hallucination

ZAS = no

ZASEJ = v squash, flatten, level

ZASOM = adj flat, level adv gratingly

ZATASERIV = n unfounded belief(s), preconception(s), prejudice(s)

ZAH = adv not

ZALIH = adv never, forever not

ZILEJ = v to copy, to plagarize

ZIS = n trouble(s)

ZELEJ = v to steal, to take

ZEAR = part denotes locative movement away from, from

ZEARASEJ = v to drive out/away/forward

ZEIH = prep (spatially) behind, in back of, (temporally) prior/before

ZEIHIN = interrog no? not really? (like French ...n'est-ce pas?)

ZEILH = n lip

ZOATOM = adj/adv empty, devoid, hollowed

ZOTEJ = v to be careful, to be cautious, to be thoughtful

ZUMAT = n party, dinner, private celebration


SCAH = n palm (of the hand)

SCAC = n future

SCAM = adv/adj if(hypothetical), perhaps, potential(ly)

SCAN = n vendor, seller

SCANEJ = v to sell, to vend

SCAP = adv/adj if(negative)

SCASC = n hill, mountain, crest, rocky area

SCACEATEJ = v laugh, chuckle

SCEJ = v to fill

SCEAD = n unhappiness, distaste, bitterness

SCEAN = adj gross, nasty

SCEAP = slang, adv used to show unenthusiasm, similar to whatever

SCEATEJ = v to be necessary (to be done); similar to falloir

SCEAZOM = adj worthless, pathetic, loser-ish

SCIBEJ = v to come (from), to arrive (from), to ripen (colloquially)

SCEIT = n slice, cut, part, piece

SCOH = n skin

SCOM = adj excessive, colloquial obese

SCOT = adj white

SCEUDEJ = v fill, comprise the interior of

SCEUH = prep with

SCUNEJ = v clean (a wound), dress (a wound)

SCUQ = n order, structure