English Abjad Cipher

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Handwritten chart of the English Abjad Cipher
English Abjad Cipher
Type: Abjadic Substitution Cipher
Spoken languages: English
Creator: Motonjia
Time period: Presently used in Artwork
Parent systems: Arabic, Bramhi, Dbu Can (7th Century Tibetan), Old Hebrew, Hiragana (Japanese), Khmer, Phoenician, Malayalam, Oriya, Sarada, Sanskrit, Syriac, & Thai

The English Abjad Cipher is a constructed script made for the purpose of writing beautifully and with an exotic air. Its current use is in artwork and on calligraphy scrolls. Although it was created to write in English, it has enough characters to write in most Romance languages, Japanese, Korean, Cebuano, Tagalog, and most Germanic languages (Germanic languages with changing the meaning of the unused character to β).

Spelling Conventions