East-A Altaic'

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A more conservativ subfamily of East Altaic', spoken in NW Himalayas.

Some sound changes from Proto-East Altaic':

  • ʈ → q, ʂ → s
  • ɪ ʊ → ə → ʌ
  • ɜ → ∅ (generally)
  • æ → e, je, ɑ varyingly
  • i u → e o / _q(ʷ)
  • loss of labialized uvulars (merging into labiovelars or plain uvulars)
  • prenasalization drops
  • ɢ → ʁ → ∅, h
  • β → v
  • labialized velars → labial-velars
  • stop lenition k q → x χ, similar to West
    • these generally then collapse to a single phoneme /x/ with a possible allophone [χ] before back vowels; the front allophone may shift → h
    • in a few branches also p → f
    • labiovelars unaffected
    • this change seems to be younger than the Western one by a minimum of 1.5 ka, possibly as much as 3 ka - a slo diffusion thru pre-Altaic' languages of south-central Asia (of especially Klusterax, but possibly also Persian' and extinct families) is possible, but another choice would be "rub-off" from the alternation's systematic employment in acrolectal Old Sadabax.
  • fricativ voicing intervocally

A typical phoneme system is (phonemes only occuring in few languages in parentheses):

Labial Dental /
Velar Labial-
Uvular /
Voiceless stops p t ʧ k kp q
Voiced stops b d ʤ ɡ ɡb
Voiceless fricativs (f) s ʃ (x) h
Voiced fricativs v z ʒ (ɣ)
Nasals m n ŋ ŋm
Approximants l r       j w
Front Lax Back
Hi i (ɪ ~ ɨ) u
Mid e ʌ o
Lo a ~ ɑ