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Dot above right is used in the Peh-oe-ji (POJ) orthography for Taiwanese Hokkien. It is used on Oo, to represent the vowel /ɔ/. This letter was introduced by a missionary by the name of Elihu Doty in the 19th century.[1] There are no precomposed letters with this diacritic.

Dot Above Right in Unicode

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Uses of Dot Above Right
Usage Language Letters Notes
Lowered vowel Min Nan (Taiwanese Hokkien dialect, Peh-oe-ji orthography) O͘o͘ /ɔ˥/, Ó͘ó͘ /ɔ˥˩/, Ò͘ò͘ /ɔ˧˩~˨˩/, Ô͘ô͘ /ɔ˩˦~˨˦/, Ō͘ō͘ /ɔ˧/ Oo without the dot above right stands for /o/.[2] The tones represented here are as spoken in Taipei.[3]

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